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Haller House
Existing site plans

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Existing site plans
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SITE (shaded areas)

The site extends from Piata Mare (lower end), which is being pedestrianized, to the rear street which is currently an unused parking area rented by the local police administration. That lot spans two separate buildings sites.

GROUND FLOOR (top schema)

Piata Mare entrance is through an arcade into a courtyard with a two-story balconied section extending midway back to a 15th century tower. The rear half of the lot is marginal structures that would be leveled and new construction put in their place.

FIRST FLOOR (bottom schema)

Dark horizontal space is a parking shed.

ATTIC and TOWER (not shown)

The tower rises to a third level of usable space. The attic is a vast volume extending over the full ‘historic’ building. Historic preservation codes prevent modern window intrusion in the roof or built walls that might shield the complex wooden attic beams from view.

BASEMENT includes three vaulted spaces under the historic building.