Rule of Law

Former Tourism Minister Sentenced to Six Years in Prison
Elena Udrea ex-Tourism Minister and one-time presidential candidate “sentenced to six years in jail, no parole, for bribery and abuse of office in a case related to the illegal financing by the Tourism Ministry of a boxing gala in 2011.”
March 28, 2017 /  Article
U.S. Department of State Report
The Human Rights Report in Romania for 2016 was released with Section 4 focused on corruption.  Report
Massive Illegal Logging
The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA/Washington, D.C.) Documents Illegal Logging in Romania by Austrian Schweighofer Co.  Article
Rule of Law Vs Debt in European Countries Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek (Click here to enlarge)
Dr. Augustin Lazar appointed new Prosecutor General of Romania
May 5, 2016 in Bucharest / Video clip (4 mn)
More than 1,000 Arrests: Is Corruption Being Tamed by the DNA? Read
Sept 2016 – Ex-Prime Minister Ponta money laundering charges & influence peddling
Dec 2015 – Dan Sova, Senator in Parliament
Sept 2015– Indictment of Prime Minister Ponta on corruption charges. New York Times
Sept 2015 – Sorin Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest, arrested
Lft to rt:
Apr 2015 – Arrest of Darius Valcov ex-Minister of Finance
Apr 2015 – Ion Niculae “richest” Romanian arrested for illegal political donations
Apr 2015 – Arrest of Radu Mazare for multi-year corruption as Mayor of Constanta
May 2015 – Arrest of Gheorghe Nichita, Mayor of Iasi
May 2015 – Arrest of Cristian Poteras (seen with Ms. Udrea), Bucharest District Mayor, and 8yrs of jail
Feb 2015 – Arrest of Elena Udrea ex-minister and presidential candidate
Mar 2015 – Arrest of Dan Diaconescu media owner and politician
Mar 2015 – Victor Vanghele Bucharest District Mayor arrested