Americans Afoot in Romania by Dan Dimancescu, National Geographic Magazine

Carpathian Mountains Expedition – 1968 (Romania)

Hear photographer Dick Durrance describe how Romania affected his return from the Vietnam War in 1968 – Click here
Carpathian Mountains Expedition – 1968. Sponsored by the National Geographic Magazine, the four person team and a Romanian-government appointed guide, traveled 500 miles (900km) along the Carpathian ridgelines from the Soviet (Ukrainian) border to the Iron Gates along the Danube River. Pictured above right are lft to rt: Mugur Badea (guide), Christopher Knight, William Wilson, and Dan Dimancescu; not pictured; Richard ‘Dick’ Durrance who has just completed his military service in Vietnam. The trip, permitted by Romanian authorities during a thaw in relations with the US, coincided with the August 21st Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and caused a political crisis in Romania. The story appeared in the National Geographic Magazine (September 1969).