Research & Development in Romania


Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy

Institute of Cellular Biology & Pathology

Institute for Microtechnologies (R&D laboratories)

Institute of Organic Chemistry

National Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Structures

NOTE: Romania has been traditionally strong in the fields of chemistry, computer science and mathematics. Leading universities maintain a tradition, too, as applied research centers.

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Notable names in Romanian R&D history:


Victor Babes is one of the authors of the first treatise on bacteriology in the world

Henry Coanda in 1910 demonstrated airplane propulsion by jet reaction (See: photo) as a ducted fan unit mounted on the front of the aircraft.

Dr. George Palade cell biologist and 1974 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine

Prof. Emil Racovita, founder in 1920 of the world’s first Speleological Research Institute in Cluj (Transylvania)

Traian Vuia in 1906 flew the first airpl;ane with its own engine and landing gear with wheels (See: photo).

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