XO one laptop introduced to Sohodol (Bran), Romania, students – Honorary Consul of Romania in Boston – May 2008

Introducing the ‘XO’ one laptop per child in Bran, Romania, May 2008

R&D Advisory Group review of XO – Jan 19 2008 mtg
Sohodol Elementary School visits: Feb 2009 mtg, Mar 2009 mtg also article in ProBran Newspaper

In May of 2008, D. Dimancescu vivited the General School Sohodol (Bran) grade 1-8. He introduced the “XO” to faculty and students as well as mayor G. Hermeneanu (seated top right) and teacher Miron Zacheru. The response was enthusiastic and students wrote short notes on why the XO would be beneficial. The school’s well equipped computer laboratory was also visited – and good coffee enjoyed in the teachers’ meeting room.

Photos by Dan Dimancescu / XO computer program details at: www.laptopgiving.org