XO one laptop introduced to Sohodol (Bran), Romania, students – Honorary Consul of Romania in Boston – March 2009

Introducing the ‘XO’ one laptop per child in Bran, Romania, March 2009

Also R&DAdvisory Group review of XO – Jan 19 2008 mtg
Sohodol: May 2008 mtg, Feb 2009 mtg also article in ProBran Newspaper

Photos by Dan Dimancescu / XO computer program details at XO website

Filmed with FLIP ‘MiniHD’

Seven XO laptop computers were donated to Sohodol Elementary School in Bran, Romania. On March 31, 2009, D. Dimancescu visited the school to see how one class (ages 12-13) was using them. Students, teachers, and the school director were highly enthusiastic about the short experiment.

“They make class activity much more lively and interactive.” offered one teacher. “And now the students are teaching us how to use the laptops. This is a change.”

Students are taking their computers home.

“My mother showed me how to get onto the internet.”
“My sister taught me English with it.”
“I taught my mother how to use it.”

XO Laptop explained by David Pogue (New York Times) at this url: