XO one laptop project per child in Sohodol (Bran), Romania, students – Honorary Consul of Romania in Boston – Feb 2009

Project: ‘XO’ one laptop per child in Sohodol (Bran) Romania, Feb 2009
A start-up with 7 XO computers

R&D Advisory Group review of XO – Jan 19 2008 mtg
Sohodol Elementary School visits: May 2008 mtg, Mar 2009 mtg

On February 12, 2009, six XO laptops were presented by Dan Dimancescu (Honorary Consul of Romania in Boston) to the Sohodol Elementary School in Bran. These will be tested in a small class during the Spring term and a school-wide project will be evaluated for deployment in the Fall of 2009.
Teachers participating:
Ms. Ramona Domocos (English)
Ms. Georgiana Catalina Misica (Math)
Ms. Marcela Nemes (Chemistry)
Ms. Maria-Corina Sava (Romanian language)

Photos by Dan Dimancescu / XO computer program details at: www.laptopgiving.org

Left: The day of the visit was during a heavy snowfall as seen from a school window in the village.

Top behind students left-to-rt: Teacher Maria-Corina Sava;
Mr. G. Moja. Pr. of Pro Bran Association;
School Director Mr. Miron Zecheru