Alex Petrescu

Tudor-Alexandru ‘Alex’ Petrescu is one of the top students in the  12th grade at the “Mihai Viteazul National College” in Bucharest, one of Romania’s leading high schools. A member of the school’s elite science class including intensive study of English, he ranks first in a class of 340 students.

Alex maintains a long high school tradition in Science Olympiads. For three years he participated in the Mathematics and Physics Olympiads, managing to qualify at the national level for both contests. Each of these years he chose Physics and won the National Olympiad. At the same time, Alex pursued interests in the humanities and participated in the local level of the English language Olympiad. Conflicting schedules of Olympiads in varied fields made it impossible for him to participate in the national Olympiad of Mathematics for which he also qualified.

In addition to an exceptional academic commitment, “Mihai Viteazul” offers opportunities for extracurricular activities, ranging from the school magazine and the radio station to leadership education and many charitable and volunteer activities. Alex co-founded the Rotary International INTERACT Club, a volunteer community service activity. As its current President, Alex is coordinating the setting up of the National Interact Conference, due in April 2005, with participation from American Interact clubs. As a member of Interact, he has taken part in several projects within the high school, such as the creation of the school library book database and team building workshops.

Though heading for a science and engineering career, Alex’s interests remain widespread. In 2004, he enrolled for an intercultural summer school in Poland, called “Expedition Inside Culture.” With participants from America, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Romania, this school provided an intercultural environment where students could improve their communication skills and become aware of and respect the cultural differences. Along with the other participants from “Mihai Viteazul”, he is now preparing materials to share the “Expedition” experience with the students and teachers.

With this rich academic and extracurricular experience, Alex has now applied for admissions to a number of leading American undergraduate colleges.


Top : INTERACT Meeting

: Library debate session

Bottom: U.S. Rotarian visitor from Maine

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