Impressions of Boston (2013) – by Octavian Ramulescu

Impressions of a Young Romanian Visitor to Boston
Octavian Ramulescu – 13 yrs-old (Bucharest)

How are Boston and Bucharest different?

In Boston many buildings are made of bricks.
In Bucharest there is much better wi-fi.
In Bucharest people drink and smoke on the street.
In Boston many more people ride bicycles.
In Boston there are more bridges which are beautiful.

In Bucharest there is much more traffic.
In Boston many more immigrants and students.

What did you like most and least?

The air was very clean but the Charles River was very dirty.

What are food specialities in Boston?

I like crab-cakes, cornbread, oyster (first time) and lobster.

What did you like to visit?

The Science Museum because there was so much to see. It was very practical. I like the dinosaur. Old guns. Birds.

Note: Interview by permission of his parents.

Photo by A. Carlsson