Mountain Rescue Training

MOUNTAIN RESCUE TRAINING (Last week in June / 8-9 days)

Carpathian Mountains (Bucegi and Fagaras ranges)
Sponsor: Salvamont Mountain Rescue Service (Emile Boc, Pr.), Pro Bran Association (Gabriel Moja, Pr.) and D. Dimancescu

A seven day program is offered for beginner, intermediary or advanced hikers or climbers. Participants are housed in the Salvamont shelter in the Carpathian Mountain commune of Bran. Training is offered in the adjacant Bucegi range. A 2 to 3 day session is offered in the Fagaras range. Depending on weather conditions snow and ice may be present (see photos from 2004 session).

The Salvamont service is a non-profit association with unpaid volunteer year-round rescue members. Part of the session fees will contribute to buying equipment and maintaining the shelter.

Fees per person are $550 including local transport, food, and equipment.

For details contacts: Dan Dimancescu

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Top to Bottom (2004:

Rock climbing in Bucegi range

– Salvamont shelter in Bran

Evening bonfire

Fagaras crestline

– Ice field training

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All photos on this page by A. Posedaru (Bran, Romania)

Map of Bucegi Range

(lower right)

and Bran commune area.

Source: Green Mountain Holidays

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Photo of Range