Honorary Consulate of Romania

Mission of the Web-Site

The purpose of this site is two-fold: to provide users with easy access to diverse information about Romania, and to provide a short-cut for citizens to helpful sites on practical issues.

Users are invited to
explore the site. Unexpected information is to be found here and there.

Emphasis is put on featuring people as a window into Romanian culture and life. The ‘Personalities’ page is meant to introduce individuals who may not be widely recognized but who are making a special contribution to the nation’s culture and economy. They, in turn, provide links to other facets of Romanian life

Information and links selected for this site are based on several subjective criteria:

1. Do they open a window into Romanian life (culture and economy)

2. Do they meet high standards of integrity, visual quality, and ease of access

3. Do they reflect the ‘best’ contemporary Romania.

The Honorary Consulate site will evolve in response to specific needs for information. This will be influenced by the activities of several advisory groups focused on different thematic topics (business, research and development, cultural, student and academic life, architecture). These reflect some of the dominant features of the Boston area.

The Honorary Consul is responsible for the content and its accuracy.

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