Dartmouth Korea Expedition – 1985 (Ledyard Canoe Club) Dan Dimancescu / National Geographic

Dartmouth So. Korea Islands Expedition – 1985 (Dartmouth Ledyard Canoe Club)

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Dartmouth Korea Expedition – 1985 (Ledyard Canoe Club)

The Ledyard team invited five Korean individuals to join the expedition.
Photo standing left to right: David Hamlin, Genevieve ‘Viva’ Hardigg, Peter Ahn, Stefan Dimancescu, Young Suk Pak
Photo from left to right: Jamie Hardigg, Dan Dimancescu (mid), Elizabeth Welch, Juny Mi Son, Kye Won Kim
Not shown: Keith Philpott, Sarah Waters

500 miles (800 km) were traveled along the southern island-dotted peninsula during the summer of 1985. MBC-TV (Korean) produced several one-hour shows and its footage was re-edited for American NBC-TV by David Hamlin. The group received substantial support from the Ryu* family, MBC-TV and was featured on national Korean TV periodically.

* Related to Admiral Ryu who, in 1595, defeated the invading Japanese armada.

Hand crafted fiberglass Swedish-built kayaks were custom ordered from Vittudens Kanotvarv
South Korean island sea-waters are unique for the extreme rip tide movements. Speeds in excess of 15 mph can be experienced. Above the kayakers where stranded on a small rock outcrop in mid-sea 8-10 miles from shore (see chart above for position were ‘rip tides’ are noted).

These tides were used to tactical advantage by Korean Admiral Yi Sun-sin in 1595 to defeat invading Japanese fleets. Details