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Haller House
A luxury boutique hotel

Haller House

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LOCATION: Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania

Sibiu/Hermannstadt, settled in the 13th century by ‘Saxons’, lies in central Transylvania along the northern edge of the Carpathian Mountains. Retaining its medieval character, the city counts a population of 230,000 and has been designated “European Cultural Capital 2007.” For this event it is twinned with Luxembourg, place of origin of the city’s first settlers and residents for 700 years.

The Haller House dates to the 15th century with additions into the 17th. It sites on the edge of the city’s central town square, Piata Mare, which underwent extensive restoration in time for 2007 events.

This property is proposed as the site of a luxury ’boutique hotel’ in a city that currently has no luxury accom- modations. Increased tourist volume, including high- end visitors, is expected to increase as 2007 promotion stimulates first-time visits to Sibiu.

BEH llc of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is currently in negotiation with the owners for long-term lease of the building.

ONE: The property consists of (a) a historic portion slated for restoration under government mandated guidelines and (b) a second portion upon which new construction is envisioned.

TWO: Preliminary volume analyses indicate potential for up to 35 bedroom units, 4 public areas, and ground level parking with convenient entrance from a rear street.

Construction costs have not been estimated but currently run at Euro 500-600 per sq meter. Exterior renovation has been partially funded by German-government subsidies.

The ‘old’ portion of the Haller House dates to 15th-17th centuries
Center of Sibiu retains its traditional architecture


– 4 hrs from Bucharest Intl Airport

– local air links to Germany, Italy

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The Sibiu region is unique in Europe for its numerous medieval fortified churches many of which are within a one-hour distance from the City