Romania Travel Impressions May 2013 / Sibiu/Hermanstadt by Dan Dimancescu

TEN-DAYS in ROMANIA / May 2013:

Sibiu/Hermannstadt is one of seven larger ‘Saxon’ settled cities in Transylvania. Substantial restoration work brought it back to life in 2007 as a European Cultural capital for 2007. The main square is fully restored and elegantly lighted. First settled in the 1200s, the city became a wealthy merchant community with its medieval town plan and subsequent generations of architecture still intact as exemplified by the ‘Liar’s Bridge’ (the first cast-iron bridge in Romania). The country of Luxembourg maintains a consulate in a restored building that also serves as a welcoming Inn (Casa Luxembourg) with rooftop views and entrance ddoorway shown above.

Photos © Dan Dimancescu (iPhone camera)