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Principals & Partners
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Bastea Enterprises and Holdings, llc (BEH) of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the principal developer of the Haller House Inn. The company was founded in 2004.

Development rights from the owner are in discussion only.

Dan Dimancescu is the President of BEH with ownership of the company by the Dimancescu family. Both a US and Romanian citizen, Dimancescu counts a 500 yr old Romanian heritage disrupted for a 40-year period by the communist regime. He is currently active in a number of tourist-related projects including construction of a small rural inn in Bran (www.gobtf.com), 100 miles distant from Sibiu. It will open for paying guests in late 2006 two years after construction initiation.

BEH is seeking investment partners in the proposed Haller House Inn. Project costs are estimated at $2.5-3.0 million with portions eligible for subsidy grants.

Gross revenue for the 35 to 40-room Inn is projected at 35% capacity in year one, 50% in year 2, and 70% in year three. Gross room revenues are computed at $170 per night.

35 room 40-room

Year 1: $ 760,112 $ 868,700

Year 2: $1,085,875 $1,241,000

Year 3: $1,520,225 $1,737,400

BEH llc

Harvard Square – PO 381347

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02238

617 497-1111

978 341-0151 fx

Corporate affiliate in Romania:
BtF-Bran srl

(Bran, Brasov County)

Legal counsel in Romania:

M. Ramulescu