Romania Travel Impressions Lipscani July 2012 by Dan Dimancescu

Lipscani, the old-town district of Bucharest, is unrecognizable for what it was just five or more years ago. Then it was a derelict, unkept, squatter occupied area. Now it counts a hundred or more restaurants and cafes, new shops. Streets have been reworked with stone paving, new lighting, restoration work and pedestrianization has worked wonders.

Top: A newly restored late 1900th century building and new outdoor restaurant

Left: preparing for a street theatre show.

Dan Dimancescu

NOTE: To a Bostonian, which I am, the Lipscane transformation is reminiscent of the metamorphosis that happened in the downtown Faneuil Markets from burned-out warehouses to urban magnet attracting 15,000,000 people in its first year after restoration in 1976.