Stan Gheorghe – Cymbalum Musician, Romania



STAN GHEORGHE – (Draganesti)

Widely recognized internationally for his cymbalum playing talent, Stan Gheorghe lives in a Roma (gypsy) cummunity about 60 km south of Bucharest. He reflects a long history of specially talented Roma musicians who have their melodies to wedding parties, fun-seekers, concert halls, and family gatherings.

Living in a well kept house with a lovingly cared for garden tended by he and his wife, both take great pride in the successes of both their children – now adult -as respected scientists working in Western Europe.

On concert tours, he played with the noted classical violinist Sherban Lupu, himself a faculty member of the University of Illinois (Urbana Campus). The group includes a flutist-singer and bass player as seen in the accompanying photo.

While much of Stan’s repertory follows well recognized melodies and songs, he is a talented improvisionist. In 2009, he worked on developing a background score for the documentary “Hill 789: The Last Stronghold” featured on TVR1 and directed by Nicholas Dimancescu. The music was composed ‘on the fly’ to meet the mood and tempo described for particular scenes.

Recordings were made formally in a London studio and in his home on a large cymbalum ‘Made in Budapest’, he was proud to point out.





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