Nicolae Pepene, Rasnov- Rosenau Citadel / Cetate Rasnov- Rosenau, Romania

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November 2008
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NICOLAE PEPENE – Museum Curator, Manager of Cultural Affairs (City Hall), Rasnov

Appointed Director of the Cultural Department and overseer of the Rasnov Citadel (Cetate Rasnov) in 2008, Nicolae Pepene has a long list of achievements as a historian and protector of Romania’s heritage. He has co-authored several books on Queen Marie, Bran Castle, Rasnov/Rosenau, and Sibiu/Hermannstadt.


As Overseer of the Citadel, he plans to undo ill-conceived and illegal executed repairs and to bring artisan crafts (forge, glass-making) back to life in the medieval walled village.



Top: Nicolae Pepene, Manager of Cultural Affairs and the Citadel for the City of Rasnov (Transylvania)



Clockwise: Renovations in 2008; view in 1970; street view 2008; new works in 2003
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Citadel in 1930s.



Books co-authored by Nicolae Pepene.