Living Treasures


ASTRA Museum (Sibiu

Working within guidelines established in 1989 by UNESCO, the Museum under the direction of Dr. Corneliu Bucur established a Living Human Treasures Program. For exceptional cultural contribution of selected individuals in traditional folk arts, more than 220 individuals have been so recognized. In 2001, Romania was one of six countries recognized by UNESCO as having fulfilled the goals of the Living Human Treasures initiative (others included France, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Thailand).

Profiled here are several of those honorees:

Teodor Bârsan (more) from Maramures region

– wood carving (gates, crosses)

Maria Ciuca from Poiana Sibiu

– embroidery

Gavrila Hotico Herenza from Ieud Commune (Maramures)

– wood house and church builder

Maria Poieranu-Diac from Sasciori Commune (Alba region)

– painted glass

Silvia Tecoanta from Altina Commune (Hartibaci Valley)

– weaving

Photos: By Dumitru Budrala by permission of ASTRA Museum (Sibiu)

Left: Dr. Corneliu Bucur presenting Living Human Treasure designation to Maria Poieranu-Diac

Left: M. Poieranu-Diac
Mddl Left: T. Barsan
Middle Rt: M. Ciuac (left in photo)
Btm Lft: S. Tecoanta
Btm Rt: G. Hotico Herenza

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