Andrei Ciubotaru

Andrei Ciubotaru is a young Bucharest painter with a unique modern style. Twenty-eight year-old Andrei first created a painting at age six influenced by his father’s work.
MODERN ARTIST ANDREI CIUBOTARU – (Otopeni – Bucharest outskirts)Influenced by his father, Andrei created his first painting at age six influenced by his father, a noted Romanian painter. At age thirteen, he offered one of his works, “Cherry Tree,” to the Queen of Denmark in thanks for her support of children’s works in Romania. “During Communist times,” he recalls, “the best days were spent at the home of Horia Bernea. It was like heaven.” Bernea, a dissident intellectual who sheltered artists at a government-run ex-estate of the composer George Enescu in northern Moldavia during summer months, “encouraged me to do water colors.” This led to a first difficult work he entitled “Willow.”
In ensuing years, Andrei experimented with various modern styles. And in post-communist years a new wave of individualism in modern art started to blossom in Bucharest. “There’s more creativity here now,” he believes, “than in Paris where things seem calm in comparison.”
His style of painting is uniquely his and follows no specific school or master painter. His current effort is focused on water colors that capture the forces of nature. His works are exhibited in galleries in Bucharest (see four paintings). “It’s not easy finding consistent exposure,” he says. “People seem less interested now in modern painting,” he says, “than in communist times when it was seen as a window into new ideas.”
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