Romanian Government Ministry Names – December 17, 2008

DECEMBER 22/2008 – Ministry Names
Nine O’Clock

Ministry of Justice – Catalin Predoiu

PD-L Ministries:

Public Finance Ministry – Gheorghe Pogea

Ministry of Transports – Radu Berceanu

Ministry of Economy – Adrian Videanu

Ministry of National Defence – Mihai Stanisoara

Ministry of Culture, Religious Denominations and National Patrimony – TheodorPaleologu

Ministry of Youth and Sport – Monica Iacob Ridzi

Ministry of Tourism – Elena Udrea

Ministry of Regional Development and Dwelling – Vasile Blaga

Ministry of Communication – Gabriel Sandu

PSD ministries:

Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection – Marian Sarbu

Minister of Public Health – Ion Bazac

Ministry of Education and Research – Ecaterina Andronescu

Ministry of Agriculture – Ilie Sarbu

Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs – Catalin Voicu

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Cristian Diaconescu

Ministry of Environment – Nicolae Nemirschi

Ministry of Interior – Gabriel Oprea

Ministry of SMEs and Business Environment – Constantin Nita

Ministry for Relations with Parliament – Victor Ponta

Vice premier – Dan Nica