President Traian Basescu of Romania – Visit to Washington, D.C. – September 12-14

Romanian President – Washington Visit / Sept. 2011
Nine Oclock Sept 12, 2011

President Traian Basescu is on a working visit to Washington tomorrow, in order to finalise a series of bilateral agreements between Romania and the United States, the presidential administration announced on Saturday.
The official agenda of Basescu’s visit is not yet known and there is yet no clear indication that the president will be able to meet his US counterpart Barack Obama, Mediafax said. The presidential administration announcement came in confirmation of press reports about the visit, coming from both Romanian and American sources. According to these sources, it is very likely that Basescu and Obama will meet and sign the agreement under which the US will deploy elements of its anti-missile shield on Romanian territory. “It is hard to believe that such an anticipated visit will not include this. (…) President Basescu cannot go there without seeing his American counterpart. Most things point to a bilateral meeting with Barack Obama. This is common sense and it has been in the works for a long time,” the sources told Mediafax.
This is Basescu’s first visit to Washington during Obama’s term.