I-Cube Innovation Competition 2007 – Workshop in Bucharest August 29, 2007

I-Cube Innovation Competition 2007 / Attendees at Workshop at the British Council
Bucharest – August 29, 2007 / For details on Semi-Finalists Submissions see www.icube.ro

“Mr. Adrian Amariei helped me to find the three speakers beside himself: Mr. Matei Paun (investment banking background with experience in analyzing business plans), Mr. Felix Enescu (ex – CIO at Rompetrol who will give the participants some insight on how corporations handle the multitude of ideas and innovations and products which come knocking on their door and also about what determines success and failure), and Mr. Mihai Stanescu (manager coach) who will tel them about attitudes, body language – all in all about the soft skills they will need).”

Ms. Ioana Ceausu, Pr. ICube Association

Adrian Amariei (dark shirt), founder of Axonite and an MIT-Sloan graduate, co-organized the event with Ioana Ceausu, President of the ICube Association (Romania)