VideoDialog Film Production House, Bucharest, Romania – Sorin Iliesiu

Bucharest, Romania
Manager: SORIN ILIESIU – from 1994 to present day.

The first independent video-studio in Romania, founded on April 1990, by The Group for Social Dialogue, Bucharest, Romania.

VideoDialog produces documentaries on different thematics: social, children rights, art (architecture, sculpture, peinture), cultural and general interest, philosophical essey, past and present history (communism and post communism), industrial presentation and, additionally, publicity and musical clips.

The films produced by VideoDialog were presented at International Video Festivals in: Montreal, Paris, Tokyo, Bruxelles, London, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Montbelliard, Hamburg, Locarno, Graz, New York, Oberhausen, Budapesta, Montecatini, Teplice, Chisinau, Bucuresti, Targu-Mures, Costinesti.



1991: PETRE TUTEA – EMIL CIORAN. A POSSIBLE ENCOUNTER. (PETRE TUTEA – EMIL CIORAN. O intalnire posibila)   -25min. D: Gabriel Liiceanu & Sorin Iliesiu. Special Award – National Film Festival, Costinesti ’93. Broadcaster TVR1. Eureka Screening ’98.

1991: OBJECT-BOOK. SPIRIT-BOOK (CARTE-OBIECT. CARTE-SPIRIT) -17min. D: Sorin Iliesiu. Commentary: Gabriel Liiceanu. Prize for ArtFilm – Romanian Filmmakers’ Union ’92.

1992: ARCHITECTURE AND MODERNITY (ARHITECTURA SI MODERNITATE) -26min. D: Mariana Celac & Sorin Iliesiu. Romanian Filmmakers’ Union Prize – Architecture & Urbanism International Film Festival, Bucharest ’94.

1993: LIBERATION (ELIBERARE) -33min. D: Sorin Iliesiu & Ioan Grosan. Prize for VideoFilm – National Film Festival, Costinesti ’93.

1994: AUROLAC (AUROLAC) -20min. Directors: Sorin Iliesiu & Ioan Grosan – Prize for The Best Romanian Film, International Film Festival, Targu-Mures ’94. VIDEO COMMUNICATION GOLD AWARD, JVC TOKYO VIDEO FESTIVAL, 1999.  GRAND PRIZE Ex-Aequo, Romanian-Hungarian Documentary Festival Film.Dok, Sfantu-Gheorghe/Covasna, Romania 2004. Broadcaster National Hungarian Television. Eureka Screening ’98.

1995: THE APOCALYPSE BY CIORAN (APOCALIPSA DUPA CIORAN) -60min. D: Gabriel Liiceanu & Sorin Iliesiu. Prize for Script, Romanian Filmmakers’ Union. Special Prize, MediaFest, Costinesti ’96.

1995: BABU (GHEORGHE URSU) –48 min. Prize for VideoFilm – D: Cornel Mihalache, National Film Festival, Costinesti ’93. Prize for documentary at the National Festival in Costinesti, 1996. Great Prize at the International Festival of Film, Sibiu, 1996, Prize for the best political film, MediaFest 1997.

1995: HOPE…(SPERANTA…) 10min. D: Sorin Iliesiu. Eureka Screening ’98.

1996: CHILD DEVELOPMENT4 episodes x 15 min. UNICEF/CastelFilm. Directors  Sorin Iliesiu & Nicolae Margineanu. Script : Steliana Fumarel & Valeriu Dragusanu .Broadcaster TVR1 . Produced by CastelFilm. Editing off-line: VideoGDS.

1996: CONSTRUCT (CONSTRUCT) -13min. D: Sorin Iliesiu. Script(S): Mariana Celac – Prize of The Television Professionals Association of Romania; Prize for Photography, National Film Festival, Costinesti ’96. Broadcaster KunstKanaal-Amsterdam and TVRI. Eureka Screening ’98.

1997: AND WHAT AM I TO DO TOMORROW ? – 26 min a film about the training for the social and professional integration of the youngsters from the children’s homes. Beneficiary: Unicef-Romania . Script : Yves Gilardi. Director Sorin Iliesiu.Produced by VideoMedia & VideoDialog

1998: BEING A CHILD IN CHILDREN’S HOME – 10 min . Romanian Save the Children & VideoMedia.Support : UNICEF.Director : Sorin Iliesiu. Produced by : VideoDialog.

1998: EQUAL CHANCES – 13 min. Romanian Save the Children & VideoDialog.Support : UNICEF. Director : Sorin Iliesiu . Produced by VideoDialog.

1999: ALL THE CHILDREN HAVE RIGHTS – 63 min.UNCEF & Romanian Save the Children.Director : Sorin Iliesiu . Produced by : VideoMedia in VideoDialog studio.

2000:  ROMANIAN ART IN SINGAPORE  (ARTA ROMANEASCA IN SINGAPORE) – 28 min. VideoDialog & Romanian Television. Director: Sorin Iliesiu. Broadcaster TVR.

2001: WISCONSIN TURNING SYSTEMS   &   WISCONSIN PRECISION COMPONENTS – 2 x 7 min. Wisconsin Machine Tool Systems – USA. Director: Sorin Iliesiu. Broadcaster WMTS.

2001: A PAINTER OF CHURCHES (UN PICTOR DE BISERICI) – 15 min. VideoDialog  &  Aspera Foundation-USA. Director: Sorin Iliesiu.

2002: THE RESTORER (RESTAURATORUL) – 15 min. VideoDialog  &  Aspera Foundation-USA. Director: Sorin Iliesiu. Prize for Short Films – 2002, Romanian Union of Filmmakers, 2003. Top Prize for Documentary Films, National Film Festival “7 Arte”, Romania, 2004.

2002: CHILD PROTECTION REFORM IN ROMANIA , 8 video series x 15 min , 5 languages versions ( Romanian , English ,Russian ,Bulgarian , Turkish ) ,WORLD BANK , Director : Sorin Iliesiu , produced by VideoDialog.

2003: A PASSION FOR BEAUTY. THE DIARIES OF MARIE, QUEEN OF ROMANIA (PASIUNEA PENTRU FRUMOS. Jurnalul Reginei MARIA a Romaniei) – 15 min. VideoMedia Foundation  &  Aspera Foundation-USA. Director: Sorin Iliesiu. Special Award for Documentary Films, DaKINO International Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2003.

2003: CENTRAL EXPRESS (6 X 10 min.), 2003. Director: Andrei Gorgan. Producer: Sorin Iliesiu. Subject matter: Romania , within  the series of films produced by the TV RAI Educational channel about the countries that will be integrated in the UE. Beneficiary – Broadcaster: TV RAI Educational channel , Italy . Broadcast in 2004 : RAI Educational , RAI TRE , Italy . Produce by VideoDialog.

2004: GHENCEA COMMUNITY CENTER – 7 min.. Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation. English & French Version. Director: Sorin Iliesiu. Produced by VideoDialog.

2005: EUROMERICAN NIGHTLOSERS – 16 min. VideoDialog  &  Aspera Foundation-USA. Director: Sorin Iliesiu.

 2007: A HOUSE IN TRANSYLVANIA – 14 mn. VideoDialog & Dan Dimancescu. Director: Sorin Iliesiu.