Thalia Theatre Sibiu


First constructed in 1788, the theatre, after a severe fire and shoddy reconstruction in communist times, reopened in late 2004 as the home of the city’s Philarmonic Orchestra.

Built into the ancient fortified walls of the city, the renovation has produced a compact, elegant and accoustically refined hall. Interior spaces include ancient exposed walls and modern comforts for orchestra members and concert goers. Prior concert spaces were relegated to damp, cold basement halls shared by varied users.

The project was managed over a long period of limited resources by Szabolcs Guttman, Chief Architect for the city of Sibiu (Hermannstadt). The city has been designated a World Heritage city in the year 2007, a designation shared with Luxembourg.

The opening of the Thalia Concert Hall brings new sophistication back to Sibiu as home and host to serious music.

Ion Bojin, Director General of the Philarmonic, is planning to restore and install an organ into the stage. The organ base is currently in a locked and abandoned Saxon village church. Pipes will be restored by Hermann Binder (more).

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April 2005
Above: Conductor Ilarion Ionescu-Galati enjoying an after concert break with Ion Bojin, Director General of the Philarmonic and Mrs. Bojin, a flutist in the orchestra.
Right: Thalia Theatre project manager and chief architect for the city of Sibiu, Szabolcs Guttman.
Lower right: Violin soloist Daniel Podlovschi.

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