Global Arts Founded by Adrian Sahlean to Promote Romanian Culture (Massachusetts – USA)


He holds advanced degrees in both philology and psychoanalysis, and has authored several volumes of poetry translations into English as well as essays on literary translation. His meter-and-rhyme renditions of 19th c. Romanian ‘national’ poet Mihai Eminescu—UNESCO Year-2000-Poet-Of-The-Year—brought him international recognition and were awarded the ‘Eminescu Gold Medal’ (2000) and the ‘LiterArt XXI’ Grand Prize of the Int. Assoc. of Romanian Writers and Artists (2002).

In 2002, the Romanian Cultural Foundation sponsored a CD featuring Prince Radu von Hohenzollern-Veringen reading Mr. Sahlean’s translation of Luceafarul (‘The Legend of the Evening Star’) with an orchestral setting of George Enescu’s ‘Poema Romana’. In 2005, ‘The Evening Star’ was performed off-Broadway at the Acorn Theatre as a theatrical-choreographical production; in 2006, his Eminescu translations were published as a double CD & book project – ‘Eminescu-Eternal Longing, Impossible Love’ – narrated by Jeremy Geidt of the American Repertory Theatre.

Mr. Sahlean is the co-founder (2004) and president of Global Arts Inc. (see: ), a non-profit organization actively promoting Romanian literature, music and art to the US. He is a member of the Romanian Writers’ Union, the Society of Modern Psychoanalysts, and the Romanian Union of Physician Writers and Journalists.

Mr. Sahlean’s past activities include artistic performance (professional children’s choir; award-winning a-cappella group; second prize at classical guitar festival; bel-canto recital), part-time acting with repertory company, and athletics (national basketball player; professional tennis coach; marathon runner).

He resides in Needham MA. Contact info:, Eminescu website:

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