Romanian Traditional Woodcraft Illustrations

Romanian Traditional Woodcrafts
Drawings by O. Roguski in “Models of Romanian Peasant Sculpture” (1928) by Al. Tzigara-Samurcas

All symbols have origins in pre-history and are replicated into present-time by local craftspeople. Below home of “Living Human Treasure” wood carver in Maramures
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Shingle makers from Bran area with windbreaking shingles in symbolic human form filmed by Sorin Iliesiu
(Video-Dialog / Bucharest)

Drawing of gate from Balesti, Gorj, and photo from Maramures

Top House from Ceauru, Gorj

Rt Grave markers from left Drajna de Jos (Prahova) and mdl from Balanesti (Gorj)

Carved plate from Caluti, Bacau