Where’s Romania – Romanian-related books at the Harvard Coop Bookstore

WHERE’S ROMANIA? Romania-subject books in Harvard Square’s largest bookstore, the COOP.
by Dan Dimancescu (April 2011)

Six years ago I co-authored a book (Romania Redux) in which one of the chapters I wrote was entitled WHERE’s ROMANIA? It mentioned how few books could be found at the Harvard COOP, the largest bookstore supplying the Harvard community. At that time there were only two or three, one of which was ‘Dracula’ focused.

Six years later, not much has changed. I found three guidebooks in the travel section – and one book in the history section. Why is this important? First it reflects low interest in Romania as a destination or subject even within one of the nation’s most sophisticated hubs. Second, it underscores a lagging effort to consistently address and improve both the image of and interest in Romania.

The unfortunate part is that there is an abundant and rich body of contemporary books on Romania on a wide range of interests. The image below shows a sampleing of the breadth of superior contemporary titles posted on my website.

The challenge is to make this body of information and knowledge more visible and accessible.

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One history book

Three guidebook titles

Top lft: PRAGUE (alone):
a whole bookshelf at least 30 titles)

twelve guidebook titles

eleven guidebook titles