Amedeo Preziosi Romania Paintings

Amedeo Preziosi

During his 19th century lifetime Amedeo Preziosi was an enigmatic artist. His origins were long unknown though becoming notable for his focus on Romania as a subject. Landscapes, protraits of day-to-day life, and a fascination with the ‘oriental’ aura of Romanian life became his subject matter. Reaching Romania in 1868, his works document the last-half-of century when Romania came into its own as a new nation under the reign of Carol I.
It was eventually established that he was born in 1816 of a Maltese noble family. Ignoring his father’s wish to complete law studies in France, he turned to a passion for ‘romantic-styled’ painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. This led to a growing reputation and commissioned works by British art patrons captivated by Constantinople/Istanbul and the Orient as a subject.

Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, PREZIOSI IN ROMANIA, Noi Media Print, Bucharest, 2003, source of illustrations below.
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