Dan Perjovschi Promotes Museum of Modern Art (NY) in the New York Times

Dan Perjovschi to promote the Museum of Modern Art from Manhattan in the New York Times
Nine O’Clock March 19, 2008
by George Grigoriu

Museum of Modern Art from New York hired Dan Perjovschi to create a page promoting the museum for the daily paper The New York Times, the subsidiary of the Romanian Cultural Institute from the American metropolis informs.

The March 12, 2008 edition of the American daily paper includes in the special “Museums” section a page of drawings by Dan Perjovschi. Selected by the Museum of Modern Art to present the image of the institution in this edition of The New York Times, Perjovschi started his work with a modern comment referring to contemporary art and to the manner it is presented today by the great museums (including the Museum of Modern art), a list including “Cubism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, Cafeteria, Shop.” Last year, the Museum of Modern Art hosted the first individual exhibition by Dan Perjovschi in the United States, entitled “What Happened to US?” In front of the audience, for several days, Perjovschi sketched graphic comments on the relations between present social and political circumstances and art on one of the walls of the Donald B. & Catherine C. Marron Atrium.

Global warming, violence in schools, freedom of expression and even the role of the United States in the world – were themes of the exhibition presented by Perjovschi at the Museum of Modern Art from Manhattan. In a declaration for HotNews.ro, in April 2007, Dan Perjovschi mentioned:

“All my works are inspired by reality because I follow a line of graphic comment – a highly personal graphic comment. It is not a detached graphic comment, and it is definitely not a comment dedicated to the beautiful side of life or to the things most people consider as beautiful. It is a statement of commitment. I feel like a citizen, not like a bystander. I am a man of the city, and I care about the issues it is dealing with, regardless if this city is New York, Sibiu or Bucharest. Drawing is my personal manner to respond to the city.”

TOP: Dan Perjovschi at MOMA (N.Y.) in August 2007
MID: Artwork in NYT
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