Daniel Onofrei


Mathematical Science Department 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA, 01609

in Applied Mathematics (PhD), 2003-present; in Industrial Mathematics (MS) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute,  2002-2003 with thesis advisor, Professor Bogdan Vernescu; and in Mathematics (BS) at the University of Iasi, Romania, 1997- 2001 with thesis advisor, professor Viorel Barbu.

Professional Experience includes: Summer Internship at United Technologies Research Center, July-September 2002, and Lecturer , University of Suceava, Romania,  Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Fall Semester of 2001.

Research Interests include: Applied Nonlinear Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (Semigroup theory, Stefan type problem, existence and uniqueness, asymptotic behavior of solutions, periodic and almost periodic solutionse; Г –convergence, Homogenization theory and Multi-scale problems; Calculus of variations with applications to thin films

D. Cioranescu, A. Damlamian, G. Griso, D. Onofrei, The Periodic Unfolding Method for Perforated Domains and Newman Sieve model, in preparation.
D.T. Onofrei and B. Vernescu  , “Asymptotic analysis of a spectral problem associated with the Neumann Sieve“, Journal of Analysis and Applications, vol. 1, 2005.
Ioan R. Ionescu , Daniel T. Onofrei and B.Vernescu, “Gamma-covergence for a fault model with slip weakening friction law and periodic barriers”, accepted, Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, 2005.
Ioan R. Ionescu , Daniel T. Onofrei and B.Vernescu, “Homogenization of a class of Stecklov-type spectral problems associated to the Neumann Sieve”, conference proceedings, Homogenization and Multi-scale Problems, Narvik, to appear.
A. Khibnik and D. Onofrei “A New Method to update the pdf for crack size in a crack growth process”, technical report, UTRC.

Prizes and Awards:
National Science Foundation research assistantship, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Sept. 2004-May 2005.
SIAM Student Travel Award, for the conference SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations.

Summer research Fellowship,
University Paris VI, June 2004-July 2004.
Summer research Fellowship, Fields Institute, April 2004-May 2004.
SIAM Student Travel Award, for the conference “Challenges and Frontiers”, Toronto, October 2003.
PhD Institute Fellowship, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2003-2004.
Sloan Foundation Assistantship, Mathematical Sciences Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2002-2003.

Fourth place at the International Olympiad for College students, Chisinau, Republic of Moldavia, 1999.

Prizes at the National Romanian Olympiad (NRO) in mathematics for high school students, 1996, 1997.

Professional Membership in the:
AMS-American Mathematical Society, 2002-present
SIAM-Society for Industrial and Applie
d Mathematics, 2003-present

Community activities: President of the Romanian Student Association at WPI, 2003-present.



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