Luminita Gheorghiu ‘Death of Mr. Lazarescu” award Los Angeles Association of Film Critics

Luminita Gheorghiu awarded by Los Angeles Association of Film Critics
Nine O’Clock 2007-01-22

The Romanian actress outperformed Jennifer Hudson, who has recently been awarded the Golden Globe for “Dreamgirls.” Los Angeles Association of Film Critics awarded Luminita Gheorghiu the prize for the best secondary role. She outperformed Jennifer Hudson, from Dreamgirls.

Luminita Gheorghiu received the award for the role of nurse Mioara Avram, from the film “Moartea domnului Lazarescu” (The death of Mr. Lazarescu), the one who watches Mr. Lazarescu during the night of his agony through various hospitals from Bucharest. “I have never thought I would feel as one of them, although paradoxically I was so happy to have received an award for Romania,” Luminita Gheorghiu confessed for the newspaper ‘Romania Libera.’

“It was fantastic. I have never thought that so many people would come to me to let me know how wonderful the film was, how wonderful the role, to be so much held in one’s arms! To be in the same room with Steven Spielberg, Helen Mirren or Clint Eastwood! To talk with people who had their entire soul on their lips!”

Unfortunately, Luminita experienced a moment less pleasant when the audience asked her about Cristi Puiu, the director of this film. In spite of being highly appreciated at festivals from abroad, Puiu did not enjoy the same appreciation in the country.

Two years ago, the script for “Moartea domnului Lazarescu” had been rejected by CNC jury, although after its premiere, it would become the most famous Romanian film outside the country, and it was the same jury that has recently rejected another project, which has triggered a strong row within the Romanian cinematography.

“Moartea domnului Lazarescu” enjoyed a huge success in the US, being the first Romanian film so admired (and so included in various top classifications) by the most appreciated specialist critics.

“I breathed and I was unable to tell them what was happening. What could I do? Should I complain that a child winning 44 Olympic competitions had to go for a second examination (after non-pass) in his home country? I told then that he was working, preparing for the next film. I do not think they would have understood anyhow,” Luminita Gheorghiu said.

Among the preferences expressed by the critics from LA, Luminita outperformed the favourite number two, Jennifer Hudson, who received the Golden Globe for “Dreamgirls.”

by George Grigoriu