Romanian Film Festival at Harvard April23-24, 2010

Romanian Film Festival at Harvard – April 23-24, 2010

Admission: FREE (a $5 donation is suggested)
Harvard University Campus, Northwest Science Building, Room B103

Explore the artistic originality of Romanian filmmakers in the context of newly found freedom of expression preceded by decades of extreme political censorship under the communist regime. This short Festival will feature some of the most recent, critically acclaimed films from Romania, including feature films, shorts, and documentaries. The discussion panel and the Q&A sessions, conducted by a group of Romanian film personalities and academics from U.S. universities, will focus on the New Wave of the Romanian cinema.

The event is brought to you by the Harvard Romanian Association, in collaboration with Global Arts (website), a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting the ongoing cultural heritage of Romania to lovers of art everywhere, and Stanford University.


Friday, April 23rd
6:00 pm – 6:30 pm
6:30 pm – 8:15pm
Francesca / Francesca, Drama, 2009, 94 min.
Opened the “Orizzonti” section at the 2009 Venice Film Festival.
Francesca, a kindergarten teacher, decides to emigrate to Italy in pursuit of a better life. Although she hears unsettling rumors about mistreatment of Romanian immigrants in Italy, she sticks to her decision. Her boyfriend plans to join her there later, but things get out of control.

Directed by: Bobby Paunescu
Screenplay: Bobby Paunescu
Cast: Monica Birladeanu, Dorian Boguta, Luminita Gheorghiu, Teodor Corban, Doru Ana

8:15 pm -9:30 pm – Two short films (TBD)

Saturday, April 24th
4:00 pm – 5:4
5 pm
Reenactment / Reconstituirea. Drama,1968, 106 min.
Banned by the authorities for 22 years before the fall of communism in 1989, the film is widely regarded as the best of the Romanian classics.
After one drink too many, two friends start a tavern brawl and end up hurting the bartender. The authorities force them to reenact their fight in front of the camera with the purpose of making an educational film. The reconstructed fight ends in tragedy…

Directed by: Lucian Pintilie
Screenplay: Lucian Pintilie, Horia Patrascu
Cast: George Constantin, Emil Botta, George Mihita, Vladimir Gaitan

6:00 pm – 6:45 pm
Special panel discussion and Q&A session – Censorship and freedom of expression under totalitarian regimes
Dan Dimancescu, Honorary Consul of Romania in Boston
Justin Liuba, former Director of Radio Free Europe, founder and president of the Iuliu Maniu Foundation, an institution dedicated to the preservation of Romanian identity in the US and abroad
Adrian G. Sahlean, co-organizer of the festival, co-founder and president of Global Arts, a non-profit organization actively promoting Romanian arts to the US

6:45 pm – 8 :30 pm
Cold Waves / Razboi pe calea undelor. Documentary 2008, 100 min.
This is the unique story of a love and hate triangle built around something one cannot see, touch or weigh: radio waves.Â

“I grew up with these voices, without seeing their faces. I heard them but I was not interested. Politics was disgusting. There was nothing we could do, anyway. But my father listened every night to Radio Free Europe. If he turned ours off, you could hear the neighbors’ radio. (Alexandru Solomon)

Directed by: Alexandru Solomon
Screenplay: Alexandru Solomon
Cast: Monica Lovinescu, Neculai Constantin Munteanu, Emil Hurezeanu, Serban Orescu