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William Doll (producer/writer) presents an engaging film idea and photos of the proposed location shots. Promotional event in New York
Feb 4, 2006.


Romanian Films Conquer France (sex education) (July 25, 2007) (see)
Mungiu’s “4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days” Another Cannes 2007 Success (May 2007) (more)
Luminita Gheorghiu of “Death of Mr. Lazarescu” Gets Los Angeles Award (Jan 22, 2007) (more)
“Wind in the Willows” to be Shot in Romania (July 4/06) (more)

Bob Dylan Film to be Shot in Romania (Mar 8/06)
Bucharest Daily NewsAmerican director Todd Haynes plans to start shooting in Romania this summer for a biopic on music legend Bob Dylan. The film will bring together stars like Colin Farrell, Richard Gere, Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett, according to Production Weekly Web site. For this movie, entitled “I’m Not There,” Haynes also included in the cast, actors Christian Bale and Charlotte Gainsbourgh, the publication writes. According to the same source, Bob Dylan has already given his approval for the movie based on his life.

The shooting schedule is essential for the stars to remain involved in the project, and as such, Haynes has decided to start shooting this summer in Romania.

The 45-year-old filmmaker, Todd Haynes, has directed among other movies, “Velvet Goldmine” starring Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale and “Far From Heaven” with Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid. As a result of low costs, Romania has recently become a popular destination for Hollywood productions, such as Anthony Minghella’s “Cold Mountain” starring Nicole Kidman and Jude Law.
Bucharest Film Festival Starts March 27 2006 (more)
Harvard University film professor to be honored
“Mr. Lazarescu,” acclaimed film of Cristi Puiu (more), shown at MIT (Fall 2005) and at Harvard Film Archive Jan 22, 2006.
Filmmakers Are Swept Away by Romania
Source Los Angeles Times – Oct 2/05(more)
Francis Ford Coppola at Cotroceni
Source: NineOclock Sept 23/05

Bucharest – Visiting Romania, where he is working on his future movie inspired by a novel by Eliade, the famous American director Francis Ford Coppola and his wife Eleanor Coppola were received on Wednesday evening at the Cotroceni Palace. Francis Ford Coppola wanted to present to the President the cinema project he will realise in Romania, the film called “Youth without Youth,” inspired by the homonymous novel by Mircea Eliade. “The Head of State said the universal character of Mircea Eliade’s works and the personality of the great moviemaker Francis Ford Coppola, who has won several Oscar awards, joined in this cinema project, represent a significant cultural asset to Romania,” the communiqué reads. The filming will begin at the end of this month and the cast includes famous Romanian actors such as Marcel Iures, Adrian Pintea, Dorina Lazar and Victor Rebengiuc. The movie takes place between 1880-1885 in Bucharest and other cities from Romania, as well as in Bulgaria, at the Balcic Palace of Queen Mary, the communiqué adds. (R.P.)

Youth Without Youth” begins shooting in Romania

Source: American Zoetrope
September 22, 2005

Bucharest — American Zoetrope, Ltd. announces production of a new film by Francis Ford Coppola, YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH, starring Tim Roth, Alexandra Maria Lara, Bruno Ganz and Marcel Iures. The film is written, produced and directed by Coppola, marking his return to personal filmmaking. The screenplay is adapted from a novella by legendary Romanian author Mircea Eliade. Principal photography begins in Europe October 3.

YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH stars Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Rob Roy,) as Dominic Matei, a professor whose life changes after a cataclysmic incident during the dark years prior to World War II. Becoming a fugitive, he is pursued through far-flung locations including Romania, Switzerland, Malta and India.

“I was excited to discover in this tale by Eliade, the key themes that I most hope to understand better: Time, consciousness and the dream- like basis of reality,” said Coppola. “For me it is indeed a return to the ambitions I had for my work in cinema as a student.”

The music will be composed by one of today’s most exciting classical composers, Osvaldo Golijov. Executive producers are Fred Roos and Anahid Nazarian.

The director of photography is Mihai Malaimare Jr. with production design by Calin Papura. Academy Award® winner Peter King and his team from the U.K. are designing and executing the special make up effects and hairstyles; Gloria Papura has created period costumes ranging from 1894 to 1969.

Romanian director wins at Sundance festival
Source: Bucharest Daily News (Feb 1 2005) by Ana Maria Iancu
Catalin Mitulescu, who also won a Palme D’or for his short film “Trafic,” is one of the four winners of this year’s Sundance/NHK International Awards for filmmakers. These annual awards, created in 1996 by the Sundance Institute and Japan Broadcasting Corporation, are a reward for innovative directors worldwide. At the same time they are a support for future projects.

The project with which Mitulescu won the award is entitled “How I Spent the End of the World,” the story of a seven-year old boy from the suburbs of Bucharest in the last years of Ceausescu’s dictatorship. The film represents Mitulescu’s debut with a full-length film. He has also directed short films, “17 Minutes Late” and “Bucharest-Vienna 8:15.”