International Exhinition by Romania – 1851 to 2010


The Shanghai International Expo running from May 1, to October 31, 2010 will show-case Romania’s theme “Greenopolis.” (see) The Nation will be exhibited in a unique apple-shaped pavilion allowing varied events and displays to be offered to the visiting public. See accompanying images.

Looking back a century or more, Romania has brought attention to itself in a number of memorable exhibits of which the highlight was the memorable New York World’s Fair of 1939. The Pavilion (and restaurant) presented there became one of the most popular single sites visited. The history of such fairs goes back to 1851.

1851 – London, England / Romanian products were exhibited for the first time within the Turkish Pavilion.
1867 – Paris, France / Prince Carol received permission from Napoleon III to exhibit
1873 – Vienna, Austria
1889 / Paris, France
1900 / Paris, France
1905 / Liege, France
1924 / Grand, Italy
1926 / Philadelphia, USA / on the occasion of the 150th aniversary of US Independence
1928 / Fiume, Italy
1933 / Yokohama, Japan
1935 / Brussels, Belgium
1937 / Paris, France
1939 / New York, USA

1999 / Washington, DC / Smithsonian “Romania on the Mall” became a highly acclaimed positive event exposing Romanian for the first time to an American audience including a wooden church from Maramures reconstructed for the occasion (see)
2010 / Shanghai, China

Shanghai Pavilion

Above: New York 1939
Left: Paris 1937

Above: Paris 1889 – CLICK on image to enlarge