Moldova – Petition to the Council of Europe / April 10, 2009

To the Council of Europe / Chisinau, 10th  of April, 2009

To the OSCE

To the UN


On 7th April 2009, tens of thousands of people gathered in the center of Chişinău, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, in order to protest against the results of Parliament elections of 5th April 2009, upon which there were deep suspicions of fraud.

While a peaceful meeting was held in the Square of the Great National Assembly, a group of protesters gathered in front of the Presidency and Parliament buildings, and subsequently entered and devastated them.

Both buildings were set on fire from the inside, and were partly destroyed. The Police did not intervene, and moreover, left them early, practically handing the buildings over to the vandals.

The vandals got into offices, although their doors were locked, they opened safes, impossible to open without knowing the code. They destroyed the archives of the Parliament that were protected by special steel doors. A group of protesters managed to climb on the top of the roofs of both buildings, but this would be impossible without the help of the administration and security of the Parliament and the Presidency, because of the complicated security systems that lead there. We mention that the attackers were well trained, knew well what to do and how to do it, were wearing masks on their faces, and most of them were not youths.

The ruling Communist Party accuses the opposition parties – the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, the Liberal Party of Moldova and the Our Moldova Alliance – for these acts of vandalism. Considering the results of the elections, these three parties would also be the only opposition parties in the future Parliament. The Communist Party also accuses Romania, member of the EU, of having organized the vandalism of the two buildings. For neither of these accusations does the Communist Party present any plausible proof.

We assume that what happened in Chisinau on 7th April 2009 is part of a plan to discredit and finally, to destroy the Opposition physically and morally, to establish a totalitarian regime and distance Moldova from the EU and the European values.

Please, send to Moldova an International Commission of Investigation that could make a correct and fair evaluation of the events that took place on 7th April 2009 and establish the people responsible and the reasons behind those actions.



1.     Candidates in 2009 Parliament elections

Seraphim URECHEANU, president of the Our Moldova Alliance Party

Vlad FILAT, president of Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova

Mihai GHIMPU, president of Liberal Party of Moldova

Anatol PETRENCU, president of social policy Movement European Action

Dumitru DIACOV, president of Democratic Party of Moldova

Dumitru BRAGHIS, president of Social Democratic Party of Moldova

Vasile TARLEV, president of the Centrist Union of Moldova

Ana TCACI, president of the Spiritual Development Party ” United Moldova “

Natalia NIRCA, president of the Conservative Party

Ion CURTEAN, president of the Republican Party

Vladimir BRAGA, president of the Ecologist Party “Green Alliance” of Moldova

Nicolae UTICA, president of the Party ‘For People and Country’

Sergiu BANARI,( independent candidate, election 2009);

Stefan URITU,( independent candidate, election 2009);

Valentina CUSNIR,( independent candidate, election 2009).

2.     Civil society:

Nicolae DABIJA, president of the Democratic Forum of Romanians from Moldova, academician

Valeriu MATEI, president of the Anticommunist Popular Coalition 2009

Andrei VARTIC, the first Vice-President of the Democratic Forum of Romanians from Moldova

Mihai CIMPOI, president of the Writers Union, academician

Anatol CODRU, academician

Petru SOLTAN, academician

Valeriu SAHARNEANU, president of the Journalists Union

Ion UNGUREANU, ex-minister of Culture

Ion COSTAS, ex-minister of Defense

Constantin TANASE, director of publication Timpul

Val BUTNARU, director of publication Jurnal de Chisinau

Alexandru MOSANU, ex-president of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

Aneta GROSU, The editor-in-chief of publication Ziarul de Garda

Alecu RENITA, president of the Ecologist Movement of Moldova

Mihai PATRAS, master of economics

Valeriu DULGHERU, the chief of chair, Technical University of Moldova

Mihai MORARAS, the editor in chief of the publication Universitatea

Sergiu CHIRCA, academician

Anatol CIOBANU, academician

Nina JOSU, president of the Association Astra

Constantin LAZAR, president of the Association of Romanian citizens

Gheorghe VITA, president of the Association Basarabia,Bucovina de Nord si Tinutul Herta

Ion NEGREI, vice-president of the Association of Historians

Timotei MELNIC, president of the  Pedagogue League

Archpriest Ioan CIUNTU

Archpriest Petru BUBURUZ

Veaceslav TABULEAC, director of radio station Vocea Bessarabiei

Anatol CROITORU, vice-president of the Association Transnistria

Andrei COVRIG, president of the Association of Combatants

Ion GAINA, director of the House-Museum A.Mateevici

Ion JURJA, president of the participants in the Dniester Conflict

Tudor UNGUREANU, director of the Cultural Foundation Capriana

Valentina STURZA, president of the Association of Detainees and Deportees and Political Prisoners

Marcela MARDARE, director of the Publishing House Pontos

Anatol VIDRASCU, director of the Editorial Group Litera

Aurelian SILVESTRU, director of the lyceum Prometeu of Chisinau

Ion IOVCEV, director of the lyceum L.Blaga of Tiraspol (Transdniestria)

Andrei STRIMBEANU, writer

Eleonora CERCAVSCHI, director of the lyceum of Grigoriopol(Transdniestria)

Ion MAHU, academician, Republican Association of War Veterans of the Romanian Army

Elena DABIJA, director of the Mihai Eminescu Academic Center

Nicolae RUSU, director of the Writers Union Literary Fund

Ana CIBOTARU, president of the Cultural Society Plai Mioritic