Signatories to Sorin Iliesiu Report Condemning Communism in Romania

Signatories to the

Appeal to the Parliament of Romania

and to the European Parliament

sent by 752 intellectuals,

more than one million trade-union members,

and six NGOs.

O p e n   L e t t e r  

initiated by Sorin Iliesiu,

vice-president of the Civic Alliance,

member of the Group for Social Dialogue, Romania


N.B. – The present appeal was delivered to the Registry of the Senate of the Romanian Parliament, with registration no. 499/15.03.2007, addressed to Mr Nicolae Vacaroiu, President of the Romanian Senate, and to the Registry of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, with registration no. 1240/15.03.2007, addressed to Mr Bogdan Olteanu, President of the Chamber of Deputies.  By law, the addressees are required to reply within thirty days.

–  This appeal was launched on 11 March in Timisoara – the city where the December 1989 Romanian Revolution began – on the occasion of the “Timisoara Society” anniversary public debate. On 21 March 2007, the Civic Alliance initiated in Bucharest a public debate entitled “Communism condemned. What next?”. The overwhelming majority of participants at these public debates signed the appeal below.

We address this letter on the occasion of the seventeenth anniversary of “The Timisoara Proclamation” – the true charter of the anticommunist Revolution in Romania.

Adopting the conclusions of the Report elaborated by the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania, the President of Romania officially condemned the communist regime on 18 December 2006, declaring it to have been illegitimate and criminal.  This condemnation was also pronounced in the spirit of Resolution no. 1481 passed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on 25 January 2006.


Romania is the first of the former communist states to have condemned the crimes of the communist regime based on such a report.  We consider that, regardless of any criticisms that might be levelled at the Report, no Romanian of good faith can contest the justness of such a condemnation.  Nonetheless, in spite of the evidence of these crimes, on 18 December 2006 an attempt was made within the very Parliament of Romania itself to impede the condemnation of the crimes of communism.  It should be remembered that, whereas the collapse of communism came about without loss of life in the other Eastern bloc countries, in Romania the overthrow of the communist dictatorship resulted in more than 1,100 dead and over 3,300 wounded.  Among those under legal investigation as responsible for this massacre are public and political figures, some of whom even sit in the Parliament of Romania.

The attempt to impede the official condemnation of the crimes of communism, intervening seventeen years after the official demise of the regime, confirms the fact that the scourge of communism was only partly defeated in December 1989.

Bearing in mind that the current political crisis in Romania erupted immediately after the official condemnation of the crimes of communism, we consider that this crisis represents an attempt to block the natural consequences of the official condemnation.

The condemnation of the crimes of the communist regime can only be complete when the recommendations of the Report become the reality of which Romania is in such dire need.  Parliament has the moral duty to bring about this reality.

To this end, we solicit the following from the Parliament of Romania:

1). The adoption, in the shortest possible time, of all the laws that are demanded by the conclusions of the Report of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania – a report declared an official document of state in Romania.  Urgent publication by the Romanian Parliament of a calendar of the latest dates by which the respective laws will be adopted.  Establishment of priorities in the adoption of these laws by common accord with representatives of civil society and public opinion. 

2). “Bearing in mind the criminality and illegitimacy of the communist regime, urgent adoption of a law of lustration is imperative” (quoted from the Report, page 636).  It should be borne in mind that such a law encapsulates, in essence, Point 8 of the Timisoara Proclamation.  The Law of Lustration was brought before Parliament as long ago as 1994, and again in 1997, by PNTCD members Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu and George Serban.  Thanks to the initiative of the PNL, the Law of Lustration was passed by the Senate in 2006, but has, for almost a year, remained blocked in the Chamber of Deputies.

3). In accordance with the conclusions of the Report (page 633), we solicit the moral support of Parliament for finalisation of the legal inquiry into the massacre of December 1989 and the killings of June 1990.  Inquiries were begun seventeen years ago by various parliamentary commissions, but their conclusions have been inconclusive.  Legal investigations were not begun until 1999, but were suspended during the Iliescu-PSD government (2000-2004), who thereby blocked discovery of the truth for yet another four years.  Investigations were recommenced in December 2004.  Likewise, we invoke the conclusions of the Report elaborated by the Presidential Commission (page 633) referring to “the necessity for rigorous, scholarly analysis of the events of December 1989 and subsequent events directly linked to the communist regime, as well as the urgent finalisation of the investigations begun by the legal system.”  In November 2006, Chief Public Prosecutor Dan Voinea stated that the “June 1990” case file would be finalised within a very short time.  He further specified that the file contains charges against thirty-four political and public figures, who are accused of serious offences, punishable with sentences of between fifteen years and life imprisonment.  According to the statements of Mr Voinea, the number of the accused in the “December 1989” case will be substantially higher.  We consider that those Members of Parliament who are under legal investigation in these cases should step down until such time as they may be proven innocent. 

4). In accordance with the conclusions of the Report (page 633), we solicit the moral support of Parliament for the commencement of legal inquiries into the following events: repression of the workers’ revolts in the Jiu Valley (1977) and Brashov (1987), and the events of March 1990 in Targu-Mures (we mention that an inquiry was begun by a parliamentary commission in 1990).  Likewise, it is necessary to reopen the cases of the “miners’ rampages” of 1991 and 1999.  In accordance with the conclusions of the Report, “these were typical communist diversions and manifestations”.

We should underline the fact that a legal investigation of the events mentioned in this Appeal was demanded by the most prestigious non-governmental civic organisation as part of the Appeal for Romania of 14 June 2005, an appeal addressed to the principal authorities of the state, including Parliament.

5). We solicit that the parliamentary parties that have up to now rejected the official condemnation of 18 December 2006 should reconsider their position and unequivocally support the condemnation of the crimes of the communist regime.  “To deny the crimes of communism is just as unacceptable as to deny those of fascism” (quotation from the Report, page 636).  We regard it as appalling that some members of parliament should defend, implicitly or explicitly, a regime that was guilty of imprescriptible crimes against humanity. 

Bearing in mind that the European Union has need of a Romania healed of all traces of the crimes of the communist dictatorship, we solicit the moral support of the European Parliament for the resolution of our demands.

11 March 2007, Romania, Bucharest



At the present date, this letter is supported by the following organisations:

The Civic Alliance, president – Christian Mititelu

The Timisoara Society, president – Florian Mihalcea

The 21 December 1989 Association, president – Teodor Maries

The National Bloc of December 1989 Revolutionaries – (131 organisations), president – George Costin

The Virgil Sahleanu Solidarity Union Federation of Romanian Metallurgy Workers (over 10,000 members), president – Gheorghe Tiber

The Cartel Alfa National Union Confederation (over a million members), president – Bogdan Iuliu Hossu

Pro-Europa League, co-president – Smaranda Enache

University Solidarity, president  – Prof. Dr. Octavian Duliu

To date, the letter has received the support of 752 intellectuals – individual signatories:

1.     Pompiliu Alamorean, architect, first mayor of free Timisoara

2.     Horia Mircea Alamoreanu, university professor, Dr. of engineering, Bucharest, Romania

3.     Aurelia Albastroiu, chemist, Bucharest, Romania

4.     Mihaela Albu, university reader, Dr., Craiova University, writer, vice-president of the National Federation of Romanian Women (UN accredited), Romania

5.     Carmen Alexandrescu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

6.     Sorin Alexandrescu, professor, University of Amsterdam. Member of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania. 

7.     Anghel Alexandru, lawyer, Bucharest, Romania

8.     Serban Alexandru, student, Timisoara, Romania

9.     Cristina Alexe, lawyer, doctoral student Bucharest University, Romania

10.  Paul Andreescu, analyst, former political prisoner, president of the AFDPR Constanta branch

11.  Roxana Anghel, student, Bucharest, Romania

12.  Vlad Angheleanu, technic manager, Sacramento, California, SUA

13.  Sanda Anghelescu, journalist, Bucharest, Romania

14.  Viorica Andritoiu, economist – INFORR Association, Bucharest, Romania

15.  Liviu Antonesei, writer, president of Timpul Cultural Foundation, Jassy, Romania

16.  Ioan Sorin Apan, director – Dumitru Staniloae Theological Seminary, Brasov

17.  Roxana Carmen Apetrei, physicianal practitioner, Alicante, Spain

18.  Elena Ardelean, physicianal practitioner, Timisoara, Romania

19.  Eugen Ardelean, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

20.  Radu Ardevan, historian, university reader, Dr., Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

21.  Brindusa Armanca, journalist, university professor, director of the Romanian Cultural Institute- Budapest

22.  Clara Arustei, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

23.  Gheorghe Arvunescu, member of the Civic Alliance senate, Romania

24.  Michael Astner, translator and writer, Jassy, Romania

25.  Alexandru Avram, Dr., professor of Ancient Greek History, University of Le Mans, France

26.  Simona Avram, teacher, Lugoj, Romania

27.  Mirel Valentin Axinte, marketing expert, Bucharest, Romania

28.  Mirko Azanatcovici, Serbian consul to Timisoara, honorary citizen of Timisoara

29.  Maria Baescu, president the Civic Alliance -Ploiesti, Romania

30.  Traian Baicu, engineer, Bamberg, Germany

31.  Hannelore Baier, Sibiu, expert in the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

32.  Cristian Alexandru Balogh, design engineer, Satu-Mare, Romania

33.  Adrian Balomiri, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

34.  Horea Balomiri, doctoral student, Vienna, Austria

35.  Laura Balomiri, university lecturer, “Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu, Romania

36.  Eugenia Balanescu, physicianal practitioner, Bucharest, Romania

37.  Florian Balanescu, physicianal practitioner, former political prisoner, Bucharest, Romania

38.  Ioana Balanescu, statistician, Bucharest, Romania

39.  George Baltac, Dr. – Sorbonne University, diplomat (consul gen.), journalist, Paris

40.  Mihail Bancila, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

41.  Mihaela Bancila, researcher, Washington, USA

42.  Octavian Barbosa, art critic, Bucharest, Romania

43.  Rodica Silvia Barlau, teacher, Beius-Bihor, Romania

44.  Mihai Neagu Basarab, physicianal practitioner, Freiburg, Germany

45.  Radu Barbulescu, writer, editor, of the Association of Romanian and German Writers, Munich, Germany

46.  Ion Baurceanu, designer, Bucharest, Romania

47.  Monika Beck, journalist, Aachen, Germany

48.  Rodica Belu, physicianal practitioner, Offenbach, Germany

49.  Ion Baurceanu, designer, former political prisoner, Romania

50.  Anca Baicoianu, doctoral student, editor-in-chief, Polirom Publishing House, Romania

51.  Florian Balanescu, physicianal practitioner, former political prisoner, Bucharest, Romania

52.  Eugenia Balanescu, physicianal practitioner, Bucharest, Romania

53.  Teodor Banica, architect, Bucharest, Romania

54.  Vasile Batlan, teacher, historian, Constanta, Romania

55.  Maria Becker-Brindea, choreographer, Luxembourg

56.  Ion Berindei, architect, Boston, USA

57.  Stefana Bianu, vice-president – Romanian World Council, member of the Honorary Board of the Institute for Investigation of the Crimes of Communism in Romania

58.  Sandu Biolan, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

59.  Viorica Patea Birk, university professor, Dr., Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

60.  Magdalena Biro, manager, Timisoara, Romania

61.  Victor Birsan, president  – the Action for the Defence of Human Rights, Bucharest, Romania

62.  Dan Birta, thermoelectric engineer, Bucharest, Romania

63.  Theodora Birta-Skillicorn, university professor, United World College, Singapore

64.  Caius Birdacel, student, Western University Timisoara, Romania

65.  Octavian Bzoja, engineer, former political prisoner, president of the AFDPR-Brasov branch

66.  Ana Blandiana, writer, creator of the Sighet Memorial to the Victims of Communism and to the Resistance, president – Civic Academy, Romania

67.  Ion Dorin Bleahu, paediatrician, Bucharest, Romania

68.  Ioana Boca, historian, executive director of the Civic Academy Foundation, expert in the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

69.  Rodica Boconcios, vice-president of the Civic Academy – Bucharest, Romania branch

70.  Mircea Bocu, scientific researcher, Cluj, Romania

71.  Costel Bodnar, art designer, San Francisco, USA

72.  Piroska Bogdan, secretary general of the Timisoara Society, Romania

73.  Adriana Boila, teacher, Sibiu, Romania

74.  Dorin Boila, architect, Sibiu, Romania

75.  Alexandru S. Bologa, academic director, “Grigore Antipa” National Research Institute, Constantza, Romania

76.  Victor Bolozan, programming analyst, Popesti-Leordeni, Ilfov, Romania

77.  Ioana Bosca, sociologist, doctoral student, Pontifica Comillas University, Madrid, Spain

78.  Doru Botoiu, vice-president of the Timisoara Society, Romania

79.  Alex P. Boti, electrical engineer, manager, Louisiana, USA

80.  Stefano Bottoni, historian, University of Bologna – Italy, expert in the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

81.  Doru Braia, journalist, Bucharest, Romania

82.  Mircea-Doru Branza, Doctor of Linguistics, Leiden University, Holland

83.  Theodor Brasoveanu , doctoral student in physics, Princeton University, USA

84.  Paulina Branet, student Timisoara University

85.  Oana Bratila, student, Bucharest, Romania

86.  Mircea Brancoveanu, engineer, Heidelberg, Germany

87.  Aurora Briscon, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

88.  Lucretia Brizu, physicianal practitioner, Timisoara, Romania

89.  Dan Brudiu, engineer, Lugoj, Romania

90.  Viorica Bucur, film critic and historian, Prof. Univ.Dr., Bucharest, Romania

91.  Rodica Bucurescu, biologist, Bucharest, Romania

92.  Cosmin Budeanca, doctoral student, expert at the Institute for the Investigation of the Crimes of Communism in Romania

93.  Petru Budrugeac, Doctor of Chemistry, principal scientific researcher INCDIE ICPE-CA Bucharest, Romania

94.  Alexandru Bugar, student UPT – Architecture, Timisoara, Romania

95.  Vladimir Bulat, historian and art critic Bucharest, Romania –Kishinev, Moldova Republic

96.  Elena Bumbaru, economist, Lausanne, Switzerland

97.  Eugen Bumbaru, economist , Lausanne, Switzerland

98.  Cosmin Bumbut, photographer, multiple international prize-winner, Bucharest, Romania

99.  Constantin Burlacu, Dr., president of the National Defence League and Member of the International Parliament for Security and Peace, former political prisoner in Romania.  New York, USA

100.        Tudorin Burlacu, president of  L.O.R.D. 1989, Timisoara, Romania

101.        Dezso Bustya, priest, former political prisoner, Romania

102.        Elisabeta Bustya, functionary, former political prisoner, Romania

103.        Dalina Butculescu, economist, Germany

104.        Alexandru Simion Buturuga, Doctor of Internal Physicianine, Paris, France

105.        George Calalb, Doctor of Physicianine, Bucharest, Romania

106.        Anca Calangiu, scientific researcher Bucharest, Romania

107.        Dan Dumitru Calinescu, director general – Universal, Toronto, Canada

108.        Florin-Gheorghe Calinescu, IT manager, Laval , Quebec , Canada

109.        Ionel Cana, physician, anticommunist dissident, the founder of the Free Trade-Union in Romania (SLOMR) – 1979, Bucharest, Romania

110.        Ion Capatana, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

111.        Aurelia Capatineanu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

112.        Gheorghe Capatineanu, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

113.        Mircea Cartarescu, writer, Bucharest, Romania

114.        Alexandru Carausu, University Reader, Dr., Jassy, Romania

115.        Mioara Caragea, university reader, Dr., Bucharest University, Romania

116.        Ion Caramitru, director of the Bucharest, Romania National Theatre, president of UNITER, former Minister of Culture (1996-2000).

117.        Magda Carneci, writer, deputy director, Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris

118.        Nicolae Carp, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

119.        Andreea Carstea, researcher, Bucharest, Romania

120.        Mihaela Cartis, member of the Civic Club, Bucharest, Romania

121.        Igor Casu, Historian, researcher – Kishinev Institute of History, Freiburg University, Geneva University, expert in the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania. Moldova Republic.

122.        Tinca Catana, economist, Timisoara, Romania

123.        Ionut Catalin Catana, student, Timisoara , Romania

124.        Hristian Cava, researcher, Bucharest, Romania

125.        Smaranda Cazan-Livescu, Prof., president of the “Athenaeum” Romanian American Cultural Centre, Fulbright Alumni Resource, President of the International Union of Romanian Women, Atlanta, USA

126.        Cristina Ceausescu, student, Bucharest, Romania

127.        Constantin Cepleanu, physicianal practitioner, Le Mont, Switzerland

128.        Vasile Cercel, revolutionary, Timisoara, Romania

129.        Ruxandra Cesereanu, writer, Cluj, Romania

130.        Silvia Chladni, physicianal practitioner, Timisoara, Romania

131.        Ana Dorina Chiorean, architect, Baia Mare, Romania

132.        Georgeta Ioana Chiorean, geologist engineer, Baia Mare

133.        Gheorghe Sima Chiorean, retired engineer Cluj-Napoca, Romania

134.        Pamela Sima Chiorean, physicianal practitioner, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

135.        Gheorghe Chiper, architect, Bucharest, Romania

136.        Elisabeta Chiper, data processor, Bucharest, Romania

137.        Chireac Dumitru Sorin, historian, Jassy, Romania

138.        Nicoleta Chirica, teacher, Atlanta, USA

139.        Nicoleta Chirita, student, Bucharest, Romania

140.        Radu Chirita, lawyer, university lecturer, Dr., Univ.Babes-Bolyai, Cluj, expert in the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania.

141.        Alexandra Ciocarlie, academic researcher, G. C. Calinescu Institute of Literary History and Theory, Bucharest, Romania

142.        Ioan Ciofu, psycho-physiologist, Doctor in Psychology, Bucharest, Romania

143.        Ioan Ciolac, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

144.        Sultana Ciolac, member the Civic Alliance, Bucharest, Romania

145.        Anamaria Ciuhandu, president of the Banat Club of Christian Democrat Women

146.        Marius Ciupertea, bookseller, Timisoara, Romania

147.        Octavian Ciupitu, architect, Stockholm, Sweden

148.        Petre Remus Cirstea, museum curator – Arges County Museum, assistant at the University of Pitesti, Romania

149.        Alexandru Cizek, Privatdozent, Westfaelische WilhelmsUniversitaet, Muenster, Germany

150.        Alexandru Clincea, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

151.        Zaharia Clitan, student, Timisoara University, Romania

152.        Alexandru Ghe. Cojocaru, engineer, Ploiesti, Romania

153.        Mihaela Cojocaru, student, Timisoara, Romania

154.        Corneliu Codreanu, engineer diplomat, Germany

155.        Smaranda Cojocaru, student, Bucharest, Romania

156.        Victor Cojocaru, Dr., academic researcher at the Romanian Academy Institute of Archaeology, Jassy, Romania

157.        Diana di Cola, teacher, Sydney, Australia

158.        Silvia Colfescu, editorial director, Vremea Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania

159.        Denisa Comanescu, writer, editorial director, Humanitas Publishing House, Romania

160.        Doina Constandache, architect, Paris, France

161.        Mioara Constandache, teacher, Tulcea, Romania

162.        Marcel Constantin, manager, Montreal, Canada

163.        Alexandru Constantinescu, television producer, Lugoj, Romania

164.        Emil Constantinescu, the President of Romania (1996-2000), Bucharest, Romania

165.        Mihai Constantinescu, film director, former political prisoner, Bucharest, Romania

166.        Nicolae Constantinescu, Prof. Dr., member of the Romanian Academy of Physicianal Sciences

167.        Rodica and Flavia Coposu, sisters of Corneliu Coposu (1914-1995), leader of the anticommunist struggle in post-communist Romania

168.        Adrian Corduneanu, teacher, Jassy Technical University, Romania

169.        Doina Cornea, dissident and anticommunist activist

170.        Raico Cornea, journalist, Timisoara, Romania

171.        Dumitru Cormos, teacher, former political prisoner, Romania

172.        Dorana Cosoveanu, historian, art critic,

173.        Radu Ca˘lin Cristea, scriitor, senior editor Bucureşti

174.        George Costin, president of the National Bloc of December 1989 Revolutionaries, Romania

175.        Miron Costin, physicianal practitioner, Los Angeles, USA

176.        Speranta Costin, physicist, Los Angeles, USA

177.        Despina Cosmuta, Ph.D, Calpe, Spain

178.        Mircea Cosmutia, Ph.D, Calpe, Spain

179.        Radu Cotet, university reader, Namur, Belgia

180.        Christian Craciun, teacher, Floresti, Prahova, Romania

181.        Iuliu Cosuletu, lawyer, Brasov, Romania

182.        Mihai Creanga, journalist, Bucharest, Romania

183.        Gabriel Cristache, engineer senior expert, Munich, Germany

184.        Radu Calin Cristea, writer, senior editor “Cotidianul”, Bucharest, Romania

185.        Marius Cristian, historian, Jassy, Romania

186.        Elena Craciun, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

187.        Bogdan Cranganu-Cretu, Dr., researcher, ABB Switzerland AG, Switzerland

188.        Mihai Crizmic, bookseller, Timisoara, Romania

189.        Stefan Crunteanu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

190.        Petru Pilu Cuculanu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

191.        Nicolae Cupcea, Prof. Dr., Polytechnic University, Bucharest, Romania

192.        Elena Dan Grisel, librarian, Institut suisse de droit comparé, Lausanne, Switzerland

193.        Nicolae Danciu, economist, Timisoara, Romania

194.        Dan Danila, poet, translator, Leonberg, Germany

195.        Lucia Daramus, editor, writer, Cluj-Napoca

196.        Lucia Darian, web-designer, Rome, Italy

197.        Petre Datculescu, pilot, Bucharest, Romania

198.        Vladimir David, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

199.        Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu, viusal artist, Paris, France

200.        Ruxandra Demetrescu, Dr., Reader at the National University of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania

201.        Bernád Dénes, researcher, Canada

202.        Mircea A. Diaconu, literary critic, university professor – University of Suceava, Romania

203.        Corneliu Ioan Dimache, engineer, Ploiesti, Romania

204.        Dan Dimancescu, writer and journalist, Boston, USA

205.        Andreea Divin, designer, Timisoara, Romania

206.        Neagu Djuvara, historian, Bucharest, Romania

207.        Anca Dobrescu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

208.        Dorin Dobrincu, historian, A.D. Xenopol Institute of History, Jassy, expert in the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

209.        Vasile Docea, Dr., University Reader, Timisoara, Romania

210.        Ioana Donescu Bagshaw, engineer, Rennes, France

211.        Elena Dorneanu, electrical engineer, Cluj, Romania

212.        Camelia Doru, physicianal practitioner, president of the ICAR Foundation, Bucharest, Romania

213.        Nicolae Dosa, musician, Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra,  Nice, France 

214.        Marin Dov, journalist, Timisoara, Romania

215.        Victor Draghicescu, student, Bucharest, Romania

216.        Florentina Dragomir, student, Bucharest, Romania

217.        Octavian Duliu, president – University Solidarity, university teacher, Dr., Faculty of Physics, Bucharest, Romania University

218.        Alexandru Dumitrescu, former political prisoner, Bucharest, Romania

219.        Aurora Silvia Dumitrescu, teacher, former political prisoner, Romania

220.        Cristinel Dumitrescu, engineer, former political prisoner, Romania

221.        Florin Dumitrescu, economist, former political prisoner, Romania

222.        Mihail F. Dumitrescu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

223.        Paul Dumitrescu, engineer, former political prisoner, Romania

224.        Eve Dumitriu, accountant, London, Great Britain

225.        George Dumitriu, restorer, London, Great Britain

226.        Janeta Dumitriu, architect, Bucharest, Romania

227.        Ion Dumitru, physician, USA

228.        Ion T. Dumitru, former political prisoner, treasurer of the Memoria Cultural Foundation- Arges

229.        Stelian Dumistracel, university professor, Al. I. Cuza University, Jassy, Romania

230.        Horia Dulvac, writer, Timisoara, Romania

231.        Mariana Dulvac, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

232.        Dan L. Dusleag, university assistant, Indiana University, USA

233.        Lucia Dusleag, paediatrician, Toronto, Canada

234.        Eugenia Duta, musician, France

235.        Mircea Dutescu, Prof. Dr., physicianal practitioner, Aachen, Germany

236.        Constantin-Laurentiu Erbiceanu, engineer, Frankfurt/M, Germany

237.        Minodora Emandi, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

238.        Smaranda Enache, co-president – Pro Europa league, Targu-Mures, Romania

239.        Ionel Enculescu, engineer, Timisoara

240.        Constantin Enoiu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

241.        Constantin Eretescu, writer, Providence, USA

242.        Valentin Feyns, Scientific Fellow, consultant, The United States Pharmacopeia, Rockville, Maryland, USA

243.        Ioana Filat, editor and translator, Editura Polirom, Bucharest, Romania

244.        Nicolae Filin, tradesman, Timisoara

245.        Radu Filipescu, president – the Group for Social Dialogue. Anticommunist dissident. Former political prisoner. Member of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania.

246.        Constantin Filipoaia, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

247.        Georgeta Filipoaia, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

248.        Ion Filotti, university professor – New York University, Columbia University, Université de Paris, Orsay. Researcher – Directeur de Recherches, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France.

249.        Ana Flana, physicianal practitioner, Timisoara, Romania

250.        Mariana Florian, vice-president of the Civic Alliance, Romania

251.        Gheorghe Florescu, member, the Civic Alliance, Bucharest, Romania

252.        Serban Foarta, writer, Timisoara, Romania

253.        Constantin Fodor, economist, former political prisoner, Romania

254.        Bradu-Constantin Fotiade, Ph.D, Bucharest, Romania

255.        Augustin Fratila, writer, editor-in-chief ALLFA publishing house, member of the Romanian Writers’ Union, Romania

256.        Marilena Frentiu, director Baia Mare Municipal Theatre, Romania

257.        Alexandru Fronea, company administrator, Bucharest, Romania

258.        Theodor N. Fronea, manager, Bucharest, Romania

259.        Victor Frunza, writer, Bucharest, Romania

260.        Sultana Gagea, member – INFORR Association, Bucharest, Romania

261.        Florin Galescu, reporter, Timisoara, Romania

262.        Georg Gane, manager, Munich, Germany

263.        Alina Galeriu, student, Bucharest, Romania

264.        Tom Gallagher, university professor, Dr., Bradford University, United Kingdom

265.        Mircea Gallin, professor, Bucharest, Romania

266.        Gabriela Gavril-Antonesei, writer, professor at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

267.        Augustin Ganescu, engineer, Saline, Michigan, USA

268.        Cristian Ganescu, manager, Sibiu, Romania

269.        Elisabeta Ganescu, accountant, Saline, Michigan, USA

270.        Constantin Geangu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

271.        Matei-Dumitru Georgescu, statistician physicianal principal, Bucharest, Romania

272.        Iustin Gabriel German, engineer designer, Bucharest, Romania

273.        Simona Georgescu, designer, Bucharest, Romania

274.        Nicolae German, agronomist engineer, head of laboratory Vidra, Ilfov, Romania

275.        Liviu Giosan, Dr. of Geology, researcher at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA

276.        Mariana Girbovan, MA student, Timisoara, Romania

277.        Dan Ghelase, president ARTRAD, Bucharest, Romania

278.        Radu Pavel Gheo, writer, translator, Timisoara, Romania

279.        Leonid H. Gheorghian, physicianal practitioner, Bensheim, Germany

280.        Dragos Gheorghiu, electrical engineer, Zurich, Switzerland

281.        George Gheorghiu, graduate of the Academy of Commerce, Bucharest, Romania

282.        Stefan Ghergheli, Association of Romanian Christian Democrats in Germany

283.        Dinu Gherman, researcher, journalist Romania Libera, Cluj , Romania

284.        Mihai Ghircoias, teacher, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

285.        Rutica Ghimpu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

286.        Liviu Ghitea, professor, Sousse, Tunis

287.        Ovidiu Giulvezan, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

288.        Stefan Gladin, film director, Romanian Television

289.        Vasile Gogea, writer, veteran of the December 1989 Revolution, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

290.        Sanda Golopentia, university professor, Providence, USA

291.        Monica Goubard, data processor, Cognac, France

292.        Jon Gostin, film director, Romanian Television

293.        Ion Grama, technician, former political prisoner, Romania

294.        Mihail Laurentiu Grecea, Doctor of Chemistry, researcher, Leiden, Holland

295.        Devis Grebu, visual artist, Bucharest, Romania

296.        Dan Grozav, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

297.        Francisc Grunberg, translator, Timisoara, Romania

298.        Stere Gulea, film director, university professor, Bucharest, Romania

299.        Adrian Gutuiescu, designer, former political prisoner, Bucharest, Romania

300.        Aladár Hampel-Binder, building engineer, Brashov, Romania

301.        Andrea Enikõ Hampel-Binder, physicianal practitioner, Brashov, Romania

302.        Anca Harasim, executive director, American Chamber of Commerce in Romania

303.        Teofil Haica, vice-president of FNRD 1989, Timisoara, Romania

304.        Dorin Hehn, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

305.        Margareta Helvey, pensioner, Sacramento, California, SUA

306.        Elena Hillard-Vasescu, gérante de société, Paris, France

307.        Zsolt Horvath, sub-engineer, Timisoara, Romania

308.        Bogdan Iuliu Hossu, president – C.N.S. “Cartel ALFA”, Romania

309.        Lucia Hossu Longin, television producer for “Memorial to Pain”, general secretary of the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes in Romania

310.        Lucica Iancu, university professor, Timisoara, Romania

311.        Victor Iancu, university professor, UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Baia Mare, Romania

312.        Dinu Ianculescu, writer and actor, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

313.        Florin Iepan, film director, Timisoara, Romania

314.        Mihaela Iftime, student at Timisoara University, Campulung Moldovenesc, Romania

315.        Constantin Igescu, member, the Civic Alliance, Bucharest, Romania

316.        Mircea Ignat, vice-president – University Solidarity, Dr. of Engineering, principal academic researcher at the National Institute for Research Development in Electrical Engineering – Advanced Research

317.        Lucian Iliesiu, architect, New-York, USA

318.        Sorin Iliesiu, initiator of the Appeal for Condemnation of the Communist Regime in Romania as Illegitimate and Criminal, launched on 10 March 2006, signed by over 500 intellectuals, 45 non-governmental organisations, and two trade union organisations representing more than 1,000,000 members.  Vice-president of the Civic Alliance, member of the Group for Social Dialogue.

319.        Victor Iliesiu, architect, Bucharest, Romania

320.        Petru Iliesu, writer, president –Timisoara ’89 Foundation, Romania

321.        Dumitrita Dorina Ilirtie, student, Bucharest, Romania

322.        Virginia Ion, academic secretary, Civic Academy, Romania

323.        Alexandru Ionescu, engineer, San Francisco, USA

324.        Ana Maria Ionescu Wollner, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

325.        Aristide Ionescu, vice-president of the Memoria Cultural Foundation Arges, former political prisoner, who underwent the “re-education” experiment in Pitesti (“the cruellest barbarism of the contemporary world” – A. Solzhenitsyn) , Romania

326.        Georgeta Ionescu, teacher, Montreal, Canada

327.        Iulian Ionescu, engineer, Montreal, Canada

328.        Maria Alexandra Ionescu, student, Timisoara University, Romania

329.        Miltiade Ionescu, physicianal practitioner, former political prisoner, Romania

330.        Nicolae Ionescu, pensioner, Montreal, Canada

331.        Gheorghe Ionita, economist, Timisoara, Romania

332.        Oliver Ionita, manager, Bucharest, Romania

333.        Silviu Ionita, university professor, Dr., academic secretary, University of Pitesti

334.        Sorin Ionita, researcher, Bucharest, Romania

335.        Filip-Lucian Iorga, historian, Bucharest, Romania

336.        Lucia Iorga, Doctor of Psychology, Bucharest, Romania

337.        Afrodita Iorgulescu, mathematician, teacher –  Academy of Economic Studies

338.        Anastasia Iorgulescu, former physicianal student, former political prisoner – sentenced to hard labour for life, Romania

339.        Tiberiu Ioschici, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

340.        Niculita Iosebica, economist, Bucharest, Romania

341.        Gheorghe Ipate, engineer, former political prisoner, Romania

342.        Paula Irescu, biologist, Bucharest, Romania

343.        Diana Irimia, student, Bucharest, Romania

344.        Ana-Maria Isofache, MA student – Centre for European Studies, Jassy, Romania

345.        Valerica Ispas, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

346.        Gheorghe Istratescu, architect, Bucharest, Romania

347.        Gabriel Ivan, Education & Science Projects Manager, British Council, Bucharest, Romania

348.        Victor Ivanovici, writer , professor -. “Aristotel” University, Thessaloniki, Greece

349.        Cezar Ivanescu, writer, Bucharest, Romania

350.        Alexandru Jadaneant, lawyer, Timisoara

351.        Doina Jela, writer, journalist, secretary – Association of Independent Journalists in Romania

352.        Dan Tudor Jemna, manager, Jassy, Romania

353.        Ovidiu Jiman, musician, Timisoara, Romania

354.        Alexandra Jivan, doctoral student in anthropology, Montreal, Canada

355.        Ionel Jude, engineer, Bocsa, Caras-Severin, Romania

356.        Charles Kercea, technician, former political prisoner, Romania

357.        Hansgeorg v. Killyen, teacher, Max-Planck-Gymnasium, Lahr, Germany

358.        Cornel Klein, teacher, Montreal, Canada

359.        Victoria Voicu Klein, stenographer, Montreal, Canada

360.        Kázmér Kovács, architect, Sfantu-Gheorghe, Romania

361.        Victor Baltateanu Kornis, designer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

362.        Eniko Koos, researcher, Cluj, Romania

363.        Traian Lalescu, economic analyst, Pittsburgh, USA

364.        Mihaiu Lancuzov, museum curator, Bucharest, Romania

365.        Cristian Lascu, speleologist, editor-in-chief “National Geographic Romania”

366.        Dinu Lazar, photographer, multiple international prize-winner, Bucharest, Romania

367.        Simina Lazar-Huser, electrical engineer, Paris, France

368.        Dumitru-Felician Lazaroiu, Prof. Dr. of Engineering., Paris, France

369.        Ana-Maria Lebada, student, Bucharest, Romania

370.        Adrian Leu, software engineer, Cambridge, UK

371.        Lucian I. Livescu, engineer, journalist, president of American Romanian Sister Cities Council, Youth for a Better World, Atlanta City of Peace Project, USA

372.        Cosmin Lolea, computer engineer, Timisoara, Romania

373.        George Luca, businessman, Botosani, Romania

374.        Raymond Luca, Senior Accountant, EPlus Inc., Herndon, Virginia, USA

375.        Delia Lucian, student, Oradea, Romania

376.        Anca Lungu, university professor, Dr., Stamford University, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

377.        Claudiu T. Lungu, university professor, Dr., University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA

378.        Dragos Lumpan, international-award-winning photographer, Bucharest, Romania.

379.        Mihaela Lungu, economist, Brashov , Romania

380.        Nicolae Lupan, “Pro Bassarabia and Bukowina” Association, Bucharest, Romania

381.        Adrian Lupas, building engineer, München, Germany

382.        Simona Carmen Lupas, building engineer, München, Germany

383.        Coman Lupu, university professor, Dr., Head of Department, Bucharest University, Romania

384.        Giorgio Lupu, architect, vice-president – Nadel Architects Inc., Los Angeles, USA

385.        Traian Lutcan, technician, former political prisoner, Romania

386.        Rosana Macali, consultant, Timisoara, Romania

387.        Alexandru Maier, physician, former political prisoner, Romania

388.        Florina Malita, student, Brasov, Romania

389.        Constantin Maltezianu, engineer, Neuilly S/Seine, France

390.        Catalin Mamali, social psychologist, USA

391.        Ion Man, administrator, former political prisoner, Romania

392.        Nistor Man, teacher, president of the AFDPR-Mures branch, former political prisoner

393.        Paul Mancas, teacher, former political prisoner, Romania

394.        Maria Manda,  teacher, Giurgiu, Romania

395.        Mirella Manda, teacher, Giurgiu, Romania

396.        Dumitru Manda, teacher, Giurgiu, Romania

397.        Cornelia Maria Manolescu, professor, Bucureşti

398.        Apostol Manta, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

399.        Ionut Mares, student Timisoara University, Romania

400.        Sorin Marculescu, writer, Bucharest, Romania

401.        Nicolae Margineanu, film director, Bucharest, Romania

402.        Ion Maria, writer, historian, Craiova, Romania

403.        Radu Marza, historian, university lecturer, Dr., Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

404.        Teodor Maries, president – the 21 December 1989 Association

405.        Bata Marianov, visual artist, writer, Germany

406.        Gabriel Marin, university professor, the University of Ottawa, Canada

407.        Mihai Marin, former political prisoner, Bucharest, Romania

408.        Daniela Marinache, student, Bucharest, Romania

409.        Viorel Marineasa, writer, Dr., Reader at the Western University, Timisoara, Romania

410.        Aurelia Marinescu, teacher, Bucharest, Romania

411.        Nicolae Marinescu, Dr. of Engineering., manager, Bucharest, Romania

412.        Anca Liana Marton, engineer, chemist, university professor, Dr., Bucharest, Romania Polytechnic University

413.        Constantin Martian, vice-president of the Civic Alliance, Romania

414.        Claude G. Matasa, consul general of Romania, Dr. Prof. of Engineering, Chicago, USA

415.        Ioan Matis, sub-engineer, Timisoara, Romania

416.        Cristian-Adelin Maxim, lawyer, Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Romania

417.        Carmen-Maria Mecu, psychologist, Dr., Reader at the Ecological University, Faculty of Psychology Bucharest, Romania

418.        Nicolae Mecu, principal researcher grade I, literary historian, university professor, Dr., Bucharest, Romania

419.        Dumitru Medan, civil engineer, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

420.        Christiana Medianu, architect, Bucharest, Romania

421.        Mihai Mereuta, president –  Habitat League, Bucharest, Romania

422.        Lavinia Micu, inspector, Timisoara, Romania

423.        Adriana Micula, pensioner, Sydney, Australia

424.        Dan Micula, data processor, Sydney, Australia

425.        Rusalim Micula, pensioner, Sydney, Australia

426.        Octavian Miclescu, writer, Galati, Romania

427.        Dan Mihalache, physicianal practitioner, Timisoara, Romania

428.        Felicia Mihalache, physicianal practitioner, Timisoara, Romania

429.        Florian Mihalcea, president of the Timisoara Society, Romania

430.        Ilie Mihalcea, journalist, Paris, France

431.        Marieta Mihalcea, 16 December 1989 Association, Timisoara

432.        Mihai Mihalcea, choreographer, director of the National Centre for Dance, Bucharest, Romania

433.        Constantin Lulu Mihaila, engineer, Montreal, Canada

434.        Liliana Pavelescu-Mihaila, engineer, Montreal, Canada

435.        Emil Mihailescu, architect, former political prisoner, Romania

436.        Preda Mihailescu, university professor, Mathematisches Institut Universitaet  Goettingen, Germany

437.        Senina Mihailescu Mureanu, journalist and translator, Madrid, Spain

438.        Mircea Mihaies, writer, vice-president of the Romanian Cultural Institute

439.        Liviu Mihoc, engineer, Hamburg, Germany

440.        Cristian Mihu, architect, Bucharest, Romania

441.        Alice Mija, Reader – University of Nice, France

442.        Lucian C. Milea, electronic and telecommunications engineer, Bucharest, Romania

443.        Damian Milivoi, economist, Timisoara, Romania

444.        Elena Miller, lawyer, Indianapolis, USA

445.        Adrian Mircea, anticommunist dissident, Bucharest, Romania

446.        Emilia Mircea, physicianal student – Timisoara University

447.        Alexandru Mircescu, teacher, Montreal, Canada

448.        Georgeta Mircescu, teacher, Montreal, Canada

449.        Christian Mititelu, president of the Civic Alliance, Romania

450.        Paul Mitroi, lawyer, former political prisoner, Romania

451.        Inez Mocanu, electrical engineer, Lyon, France

452.        Angela Raluca Moise, professor, Bucharest, Romania

453.        Cornel Moldovan, researcher, Bucharest, Romania

454.        Ana Monoran, electronics specialist, Timisoara, Romania

455.        Oana Monoran, journalist, Timisoara, Romania

456.        Paul Alexandru Monoran, student, Timisoara, Romania

457.        Petrisor Morar, Secretary of State for Revolutionary Issues, Bucharest, Romania

458.        Sergio Morariu, journalist, Timisoara, Romania

459.        Calin Mucichescu, engineer, professor at Bucharest, Romania Polytechnic University

460.        Christina Mucichescu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

461.        Paul A. Mucichescu, student Humboldt University, Philosophy, Berlin, Germany

462.        Carmen Muntean-Cristache, university assistant, doctoral student, Bucharest, Romania University.

463.        Ioana Munteanu, lecturer in the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Bucharest, Romania

464.        Vasile Muntean, electronics specialist, Sibiu, Romania

465.        Alexandru Munteanu, journalist TVR, Bucharest, Romania

466.        Dan Munteanu Colán, Prof. Dr., Universidad de Las Palmas, Spain

467.        Elena Munteanu, pensioner, Montreal, Canada

468.        Alin Muresan, researcher, for the Investigation of the Crimes of Communism in Romania

469.        Olga Muresan, geologist, Bucharest, Romania

470.        Petru Muresan, geologist, Bucharest, Romania

471.        George Mus¸at, lawyer, Bucharest, Romania

472.        John Nandris, archaeologist, Oxford, UK

473.        Silvestru Nanu, economist, former political prisoner

474.        Mihai Nasta, teacher, researcher, Brussels, Belgium

475.        Geza Nagy, priest, former political prisoner, Romania

476.        Maria Neagu, filmmaker, Bucharest, Romania

477.        Mihai Neagu, engineer, former political prisoner, Romania

478.        Traian Neamtu, former political prisoner, president of the AFDPR-Cluj branch, Romania

479.        Damian Necula, writer, France

480.        Alexandru Nemtanu, student, Bucharest, Romania

481.        Dumitru Nestor, secretary, Memoria Cultural Foundation – Arges, Romania

482.        Vasile Nica, engineer, Nuremburg, Germany

483.        Cristian Nicoara, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

484.        Dan Nicoara, engineer, manager, Toronto, Canada

485.        Ion Nicoara, technician, former political prisoner, Romania

486.        Lucica Nicoara, electrical engineer, vice-president of the National Board of the Civic Alliance, Brashov, Romania

487.        Nicolae Ambrozie Nicoara, engineer, electronics specialist, president of the Pro Bassarabia and Bukowina Cultural Foundation, Brashov branch, Romania

488.        Mircea Nicosevici, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

489.        Radu Nicosevici, economist, president Academy of Advocacy, Timisoara, Romania

490.        Nicola Nikolaus, physicianal practitioner, Reader at the University of Düsseldorf-Germany

491.        Dan Nicolescu, engineer, Quincy, MA, USA

492.        Doina Nicolescu, engineer, Quincy, MA, USA

493.        Andreea Niculescu, engineer IT, Enschede, Holland

494.        Dan Niculescu, architect, Prangins, Switzerland

495.        Ecaterina Niculescu, designer, former political prisoner, Romania

496.        Constantin  Nistorica, economist, former political prisoner, president of the Bihor branch, Romania

497.        Viorica Niscov, researcher, translator, Bucharest, Romania

498.        Ioana Nitulescu, student, Bucharest, Romania

499.        Nicolae Noica, engineer, professor, Bucharest, Romania

500.        Dan Novacovici, former political prisoner, building inspector, USA

501.        Ana Otilia Nutu, economist, Bucharest, Romania

502.        Dumitru Nutu, physicianal practitioner, Bucharest, Romania.

503.        Dumitru Olteanu, former political prisoner, member of the Board of Directors of the Memoria Cultural Foundation – Arges, Romania

504.        Ágoston Olti, historian, expert in the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

505.        Andrei Opait, archaeologist, University of Texas, USA.

506.        Leonard Oprea, writer, essayist, Boston, USA

507.        Adrian Orosanu, translator, Bucharest, Romania

508.        Theodor Orasianu, geologist, Geneva, Switzerland

509.        Dan Ottulescu, engineer, former political prisoner, Romania

510.        Mihai Pamfilie, visual artist, Leeuwarden, Holland

511.        Izverina Pan, writer, Bucharest, Romania

512.        Serban Papacostea, historian, member of the History and Archaeology Section of the Romanian Academy Bucharest, Romania

513.        Ovidiu Papana, university professor, Timisoara, Romania

514.        Monica Papazu, Dr., University Reader in Comparative Literature and Theology, writer, Denmark

515.        Vasile Paraschiv, anticommunist dissident. Former political prisoner. Group for Social Dialogue Prize – 2006. Ploiesti, Romania

516.        Radu Paraschivescu, writer, Bucharest, Romania

517.        Manuela Paraschivescu, lawyer, Bucharest, Romania

518.        Mihnea Paraschivescu, meteorologist, Bucharest, Romania

519.        Aurel Parvu, engineer, university reader, Architectural Institute, Université de Genève, Switzerland

520.        Rodica Parvu, engineer, Geneva, Switzerland

521.        Alexandrina Pascan, economist, former political prisoner, Romania

522.        Ion Pascan, economist, former political prisoner, Romania

523.        Gabriella Pasztor, secretary of state, the Ministry of Education and Research, Bucharest, Romania

524.        Horia-Roman Patapievici, writer, president of the Romanian Cultural Institute

525.        Paula Ecaterina Patea, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

526.        Carmen Patrut, adviser, Bucharest, Romania

527.        Rodica Paunescu, teacher, Bihor, Romania

528.        Marius Pentelescu, journalist, Radio Timisoara, Romania

529.        Jose Luis López Pérez, university professor, Dr. University of Salamanca, Spain

530.        George Petcan, economist, Bucharest, Romania

531.        Ovidiu-Flavius Petcu, engineer, Jassy, Romania

532.        Ioan Peter, actor, playwright, Arad, Romania

533.        Maria Petrascu, journalist, Brashov, Romania

534.        Arcadiu Petrescu, physician, Bucharest, Romania

535.        Cornelia Petrescu, engineer, writer, St Laurent du Pont, France

536.        Elena Petrescu, economist, Bucharest, Romania

537.        Ioan Petrescu, Ph.D., Visp, Switzerland

538.        Ioan-Vasile Petrescu, engineer, St Laurent du Pont, France

539.        Virgil Petrescu, professor, University of Bucharest, Romania

540.        Maria Petric, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

541.        Nicolae Petric, physicianal practitioner, Timisoara, Romania

542.        Dusan Petrovici, poet, Dusseldorf, Germany

543.        Elisabeta Pichl, economist, Timisoara, Romania

544.        Ileana Pintilie, Dr., Reader – Western University, Timisoara, Romania

545.        Andrei Pippidi, historian, Visiting Professor la Universitatea din Amsterdam, Visiting Professor – Central European University, Member of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

546.        Christian Plajer, priest, Black Church, Brashov, Dean of the District Evangelical Church C.A., Brashov

547.        Barbu Plosceanu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

548.        Anamaria Pop, writer, translator, Szalkszentmarton, Hungary

549.        Ion Pop, university professor, writer, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

550.        Oana Raluca Pop, engineer, Bocsa, Caras-Severin, Romania

551.        Costel Popa, director of research, Bucharest, Romania

552.        Dinu Popa, journalist, New York, USA

553.        Ilie Popa, Dean – University of Pitesti. President of the Memoria Cultural Foundation, Arges

554.        Neculai Popa, Los Angeles, USA

555.        Silvia Popa, art historian, researcher, journalist, Marburg, Germany

556.        Antonie Popescu, lawyer, senior member of the League of Bucharest, Romania University Students – 1990

557.        Dana Nicoleta Popescu, philologist, academic researcher, Timisoara, Romania

558.        Cristian Popescu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

559.        Crisan Popescu, university professor, Dr. of Engineering, Aachen, Germany

560.        Iulian Popescu, pneumatologist, Doctor of Physicianal Science, Romania

561.        Marian Popescu, writer, university teacher, Bucharest, Romania

562.        Matilda Lelia Popescu, teacher, Bucharest, Romania

563.        Mihai Popescu, engineer, San Francisco, USA

564.        Mircea Popescu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

565.        Mircea Popescu, researcher, Bucharest, Romania

566.        Raul Popescu, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

567.        Titu Popescu, writer, Munich, Germany

568.        Vasile Popescu-Albina, expert economist, Timisoara, Romania

569.        Vlad Popescu, student, Western University, Timisoara, Romania

570.        Filip Popovici, economist, Bucharest, Romania

571.        Alexandru  Porutiu, economist, former political prisoner, Romania

572.        Nicolae Prelipceanu, journalist, writer, Romania

573.        Ioana Preston, Dr., MD, Assistant Professor, Tufts University, Boston, MA, USA

574.        Nicole Preston, Hamden, USA

575.        Serge Preston, engineer, Hamden, USA

576.        Petru Prorocu, engineer, Bocsa, Caras-Severin, Romania

577.        Ana Prvacki, visual artist, New York, USA

578.        Delia Prvacki, sculptor, Singapore

579.        Milenko Prvacki, painter, Dean – Faculty of Painting, Singapore University

580.        Alexandru Nicolae Puricescu, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

581.        Johann Raab, cardiologist, Landau Clinic, Germany

582.        Stefan Radoveanu, company director, Geneva, Switzerland

583.        Ilina Radu, magistrate, Timisoara, Romania

584.        Elena Radulescu, former political prisoner, Romania

585.        Irina Ranetti, HR manager, Bucharest, Romania

586.        Constantin Rauta, academic, Centre of Excellence, College Park, Maryland, USA, sentenced to death by Ceausescu in 1971

587.        Alexandra Razvan, lawyer, Timisoara Society, Romania

588.        Ileana Razvan, public functionary, Timisoara

589.        Victor Rebengiuc, former Rector of the National University of Dramatic and Film Arts, Bucharest, Romania

590.        Sergiu Rizescu, physicianal practitioner, former political prisoner, president of the AFDPR-Arges branch

591.        Valentina Rodinceanu, sociologist, Bucharest, Romania

592.        Radu Rosetti, engineer, Offenbach am Main, Germany

593.        Smaranda Rosetti, engineer, Offenbach am Main, Germany

594.        Ioan Rosca, researcher, the author of the web-site, Montreal, Canada

595.        Ion Rosca, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

596.        Radu Rosca, engineer, university reader, Jassy, Romania

597.        Felicia Roseanu, member the Civic Alliance, Bucharest, Romania

598.        Marilena Rotaru, television producer, author of the serial “Memory of Romanian Exile”

599.        Andrei Roth, financial analyst, Microsoft, Mountain View, California, USA

600.        Emanuel Ruja, fully qualified physicianal officer , Cambridge, UK

601.        Romulus Rusan, writer, director –International Centre for Studies of Communism – Civic Academy Foundation, member of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

602.        Angela Rusu, veterinary physicianal practitioner, Los Angeles California

603.        Nicolae D. Rusu, writer, Los Angeles, USA

604.        Carmen Sabau, chemist, scientific researcher, Chicago, USA

605.        Mircea Sabau, teacher, Chicago, USA

606.        Marina Neagu-Sadoveanu, architect, Bucharest, Romania

607.        Ion Sarion, physicianal practitioner, former political prisoner, Romania

608.        Viorel Sasca, Dr. of Engineering, researcher, Chemistry Institute, Timisoara

609.        Valerian Sava, film critic and historian Bucharest, Romania

610.        Elena Cristina Savu, project director – DHL Worldwide Express, Brussels, Belgium

611.        Ioan Savu, data processor, Timisoara, Romania

612.        Mihaela Savu, student, Timisoara, Romania

613.        Alice Salajan, clerk of court, Simleu-Silvaniei, Salaj, Romania

614.        Daniel Sandor, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

615.        Daniel Sandru, university lecturer, doctoral student, Faculty of Political Science, Petre Andrei University, Jassy, Romania

616.        Cesar Sandulescu, engineer, Orange County, California

617.        Polixenia Sandulescu, architect ,Orange County, California

618.        Vintila Savulescu, architect, former political prisoner

619.        Radu Sarbu, physicist, Cluj, Romania

620.        Grigore Sbarcea, theologian, editor – The Christian Herald, Sydney, Australia

621.        Corneliu Schneller-Pavelescu, architect, Alicante Spain

622.        Gabi Schuster-Cararusa‚ editor Athenaeum, Heidelberg, Germany

623.        Steliana Iridenta Seciu, teacher of mathematics, Onesti, Romania

624.        Dorica Seculi, lawyer, Timis Bar, Romania

625.        Cornel Seracin, historian, Timisoara, Romania

626.        Ioan Seracin, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

627.        Liana Mihaela Serban, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

628.        Marinela Serban, editor, journalist. Deva , Romania

629.        Florentina Sia, student, Bucharest, Romania

630.        Valeria Silli, engineer, researcher, Bucharest, Romania

631.        Gabriela Sima, teacher, Zalau, Romania

632.        Nora Sima, teacher, Zalau, Romania

633.        Angela Simion, member the Civic Alliance, Bucharest, Romania

634.        Gabriela Simionescu, professor, Bucharest, Romania

635.        Zvezdana Simonovici, student of Political Sciences, Timisoara University, Moldova-Noua, Romania

636.        Karl Singer, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

637.        Dorina Sisiiac, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

638.        Elena Siupiur, Dr., writer, researcher – Romanian Academy Institute of South East European Studies

639.        Stefan Sirbu, architect, Bucharest, Romania

640.        Ioan Sintea, Romanian Railways functionary, Timisoara, Romania

641.        Bogdan P. Skeletti, President of the European Union against Intellectual Conformity, Merenberg, Germany

642.        Vasile Solomie, functionary, Timisoara, Romania

643.        Marius Sopterean, Dr., university reader, UNATC, Bucharest, Romania

644.        Eliot Sorel, teacher, George Washington University, USA

645.        Liviu Sorinca, public functionary, Timisoara, Romania

646.        Anca Maria Spiridon, doctoral student in history, Magadalen College, Oxford University, UK

647.        Monica Spiridon, university professor – University of Bucharest, Romania, writer, of the panel of experts in literature for ESF (European Science Foundation), Romania

648.        Florin Stan, museum curator, Head of History Section – Romanian Maritime Museum, Constantia, Romania

649.        Lavinia Stan, director – Centre of Post-Communist Studies, St. Francis Xavier University – Nova Scotia; professor of Political Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

650.        Dan Stanca, writer, Bucharest, Romania

651.        Teodor Stanca, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

652.        Ionel Stanciu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

653.        Iuliana Stanciu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

654.        Mihai Stanciu, engineer, Ploiesti, Romania

655.        Sabina Stanciu, economist, Timisoara, Romania

656.        Dinu Stefanescu, Dr. of Engineering., Landen, Belgium

657.        Marietta Stefanescu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

658.        Gheorghe Mihai Stefanescu, engineer, former political prisoner, Romania

659.        Cristache Stefanescu, former political prisoner, president of the  AFDPR-Bucharest, Romania branch, Romania

660.        Nicolae Stefanescu-Draganesti, president  – the Ligue for the Defence of Human Rights, Bucharest, Romania

661.        Dana Stephan, physicianal practitioner, Ravensburg, Germany

662.        Josef Stephan, physicianal practitioner, Ravensburg, Germany

663.        Petre Stoica, writer, Jimbolia, Romania

664.        Radu Stoicanescu, consultant senior, telecommunications expert, Paris, France

665.        Liviu Ioan Stoiciu, writer, Bucharest, Romania

666.        Viorica Stroici, professor, Belgium

667.        Elisabeth Sturdza, Doctor of Letters, Cologne, Germany

668.        Johannes Sturdza, engineer, Cologne, Germany

669.        Maria Suhani, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

670.        Johann Szabo, physician, Offenbach, Germany

671.        Emeric Szeifert, air-force commander, Timisoara, Romania

672.        Kristina Szigethy, specialist in cultural tourism, Brashov, Romania

673.        Anna Tabacu, student, University of Budapest, Hungary

674.        Constanta Tabacu, professor, Bucharest, Romania

675.        Adrian Talpas, tradesman, Timisoara, Romania

676.        Alexandru Tanase, professor, Södertälje, Sweden

677.        Iustin Tanase, software engineer, president of IT Systems International, Romania-USA

678.        Andrei Tanasescu, composer, Dr., university reader, National University of Music, Romania

679.        Andreea Tanasescu, choreographer, Dr., Paris 8 University, France

680.        Ioan Tapsa, bookseller, Timisoara, Romania

681.        Maria Tarcea, teacher, former political prisoner, Romania

682.        Radu Tasca, engineer, Sydney, Australia

683.        Tanase Tavala, Dr. of Chemical Engineering, Timisoara, Romania

684.        Silvia Temeliescu, building engineer, Bucharest, Romania

685.        Ioana Teodorescu, teacher at the French Institute, Jassy, Romania

686.        Malin Teodorescu, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

687.        Lucian Dan Teodorovici, writer, co-ordinator – Polirom Publishing House, Jassy, Romania

688.        Maria Theodoru, professor, Bucharest, Romania

689.        Stefan Theodoru, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

690.        Liviu Tholoras, journalist, Bucharest, Romania

691.        Gheorghe Tiber, president of the Virgil Sahleanu Solidarity Union Federation of Romanian Metallurgy Workers, Romania

692.        Clementina Timus, principal scientific researcher, Bucharest, Romania

693.        Nicolae Tinca, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

694.        Catalina Tincu, bank functionary, Popesti-Leordeni, Ilfov, Romania

695.        Vladimir Tismaneanu, President of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania, Professor of Political Sciences, University of Maryland, USA

696.        Maria Titeica, Dr., mathematician, Germany

697.        Iosif Todosiu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

698.        Alexandrina Toma, engineer, Pitesti, Romania

699.        Corneliu Toma, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

700.        Eugeniu Toma, physicist, Bucharest, Romania

701.        Mihaela Tomescu, engineer, Mioveni, Arges, Romania

702.        Valentina Tracicar, student, Bucharest, Romania

703.        Dorin Tudoran, writer, USA

704.        Gheorghe Tupita, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

705.        Florin Turcanu, historian, University of Bucharest, Romania

706.        Lucian Turcescu, professor of theology – Concordia University, President of the Canadian Patristics Association, Montreal, Canada

707.        Dino Tudor,  architect, Los Angeles, USA

708.        Marius Tudor, director marketing, Silicon Valley, SUA

709.        Florin Tudose, university professor, Dr. of Psychiatry, Emergency Hospital University, Bucharest, Romania

710.        Ana Ciucan Tutuianu, teacher, Paris, France

711.        Doina Urdea, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

712.        Tudorel Urian, literary critic, adviser – Ministry of Culture and Religions, Romania

713.        Andrei Ursu, engineer.  Exiled to USA.  Son of Gheorghe Ursu, murdered by communist torturers while under arrest in 1985. Chicago, USA

714.        Timotei Ursu, film director, journalist, New York, USA

715.        Vasile Ursulet, functionary, Timisoara, Romania

716.        Dan Uzuneanu, student, Bucharest, Romania

717.        Laura Vaichikauska, student, Atlanta, USA

718.        Ilie Valentin, TVR journalist, Bucharest, Romania

719.        Emil Vancu, president of SC Arad, founder member of the Timisoara Society, Romania

720.        Rodica Vancu, teacher, founder member of the Timisoara Society, Arad, Romania

721.        Andrea Varga, historian, Budapesta

722.        Cristian Vasile, historian, academic researcher, Nicolae Iorga Institute of History, academic secretary of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

723.        Mihai Vasile, physicianal practitioner, Timisoara, Romania

724.        Olimpia Vasile, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

725.        Gabriela Vasilescu, teacher, Timisoara, Romania

726.        Ovidiu Vasilescu, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

727.        Alin Vargatu, student Universitatea de Vest, Timisoara, Romania

728.        Ioan Varsandan, engineer, Timisoara, Romania

729.        Dan Vatca, programmer, Timisoara, Romania

730.        Catalina Velculescu, university professor, Dr., scientific researcher, Bucharest, Romania

731.        Toma Vescan, doctoral student., University of Bonn, University of Aachen, Germany

732.        Cristina Vidulescu, Dr., Reader –Carol Davila University of Physicianine, Romania

733.        Daniel Vighi, writer, Dr., Reader – Western University, Timisoara

734.        Adrian Paul Iginio Vignali, architect, president of the Belgian-Romanian Aide a la Democratie – Liberte Association

735.        Sanda Stanciu-Vignali, architect, Belgium

736.        Alexandru Vissarion, engineer, Bucharest, Romania

737.        Andreea Vladescu, university professor, Dr., Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Romania

738.        Viorel Vlasceanu, engineer, Brashov, Romania

739.        Ioana Voicu-Arnautoiu, Reader – National University of Music, Bucharest, Romania

740.        Constantin Volanschi, chemist, Bucharest, Romania

741.        Smaranda Vultur, professor, Western University, Timisoara, expert in the Presidential Commission for the Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania

742.        Vichente Zagan, drd. engineer, Bucharest, Romania

743.        Franz Zaicescu, musician, Vandalia, Illinois, USA

744.        George Zamfir, student, Bucharest, Romania

745.        Codin Zamfirescu, physicianal practitioner, Frankfurt am Main

746.        Dinu Zamfirescu, lawyer, president – the National Institute for the Memory of the Romanian Exile, Bucharest, Romania

747.        Florin Zamfirescu, Rector of the National University of Dramatic and Film Arts, Bucharest, Romania

748.        Tudor Zarioiu, acoustic technician, Timisoara, Romania

749.        Gheorghe Ionescu-Zicu, member of the Board of Directors, Memoria Cultural Foundation, Arges, Romania

750.        Ioana Zirra, university lecturer, Dr., Bucharest University, Romania

751.        Serban Radulescu Zoner, historian, Dr., former president of the Civic Alliance

752.        Alexandru Zub, Member of the Romanian Academy, president of the History and Archaeology Section of the Romanian Academy. Member of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania.


The list of signatories remains open