Diana Deju cv – Boston University

Diana A. Deju


Campus Address                                                                              Permanent Address

448 Park Drive                                                                         4 Nottingham Drive

Apartment 14                                                                                   Toronto, ON

Boston, MA                                                                                     M9A 2W5

02215                                                                                                Canada

USA                                                                                                  416-231-8484

617-959-3500                                                                                                                                   diana.deju@gmail.com




To gain valuable experience in a law firm where knowledge of the legal system can be utilized and further developed.



Boston University, Boston, MA             Expected Date of Graduation: May 2009

College of Arts and Science                                                         GPA: 3.7/4.0

Major in International Relations (Specialization in International Systems and World Order, Western Europe) and Pre-law

Minor in French Language and Literature


Computer Literacy



Microsoft Office

Acrobat Reader


Volunteer Experience

Volunteer, Rose Cherry’s Hospice for Children, Toronto, ON              March 2005

·      Enlisted new donors

·      Contacted donors and advertised upcoming events


Volunteer, Plain & Simple, Toronto, ON                  September 2004- September 2006

·      Assisted accounting staff

·      Responsible for answering phones and filing

·      Maintained contact with customers


Freshman Resource Advisor, Boston University, Boston, MA   May 2006-present

·      Responsible for 20 freshmen

·      Provide academic and personal support

·      Organize monthly meetings

·      Maintain constant contact with students


Floating Room Crisis Staff, Boston Model United Nations, Boston, MA February 2007

·      Responsible for running crises in the various organizations

·      Wrote news reports and various other government documentation

·      Relaying information between organizations

·      Responsible for ensuring that the high school delegates acted accordingly


Events Director, Boston Area Model United Nations, Boston, MA May 2007- present

·    Responsible for events planning: speaking with venues and catering services

·    Arranged accommodations for delegates


Floating Room Crisis Director, Boston Model United Nations, Boston, MA May 2007- present

·      Responsible for running crises in various committees

·      Responsible for training crisis staff and delegating work


Work Experience

Office Assistant, DGS Technology Consulting, Toronto, ON            2003- present

·      Work for the company during summer (3 months out of the year)

·      Provide customers with assistance

·      Organize filing system for contracts and purchase orders

·      Answer phones


Note-taker, Boston University, Boston, MA              September 2005- December 2005

·      Took notes for a disabled student


French and Economics Tutor, Boston University, Boston, MA                 September 2006- present

·      Provide students with assistance in their French Language and Introductory Economics courses


    Office Administrator Clerk, SNC Lavalin Nuclear, Toronto, ON March 12-17 2007

·      Archival of data

·      Organization of filing system


Law Clerk and Solicitor Representative, J D Spicer Solicitors, London, UK July-August 2007

·      Interviewed with clients in court and prison

·      Performed various office tasks such as writing opening and closing letters, calling police stations

·      Acted as a solicitor representative in both Magistrates and Crown Court

·      Took instructions from clients



Honors and Activities

Ann Bia French Scholarship                                                                   2004- 2005

Law Society, Boston University                                         September 2005- present

Dean’s List                                                                           September 2005-present




Further information and references available upon request.