Honorary Consul of Romania in Boston Business & R&D Advisory Groups

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Airbus to produce Super Puma K1 helicopters in Brasov (more) / Sept. 2014

Inauguration of Hyperion electric train manufactured by Softronic in Craivoa (see) / Sept 2014


The Romanian economy is in rapid flux. Though still on the low end of Europe’s economies, and prior to EU admission in 2007, GDP growth was moving at 6% to 8% plus, several sectors (banking, consumer goods, cell telephony, real estate) proving highly profitable. 2009 marked growth declines along with global trends that stretched into 2012.

Major US players in Romania include Bechtel (highway construction), Citibank (banking), General Electric (products), Gillette (products), IBM (software), Oracle (software), PTC (software), Qualcomm (cell phone services), Raytheon (military and other electronics), Smithfield (agri), Timken (industrial bearings), Trizec/Triganit (real estate).


Though cheap labor remains a competitive advantage, a high-value added resource is the superior quality of intellectual capital. This is accessible through institutes, firms and individual contracts. Computer science, chemistry and biochemistry, mathematics, geology are traditionally strong fields. Software development is an area of rapid development.

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The New England Advisory Group on R&D Capabilities in Romania

Purpose: To informally advise US companies on connections to Romanian research and development centers.

Florin Brasoveanu email

NaviMedix, Cambridge, Mass.

Stefan Constantinescu. MD, PhD email and more

Ludwig Institute of Cancer, Brussels (Belgium)
Interests: molecular cell biology, molecular medicine,

virology, biotechnology

Also Professor at Carol Davilla University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest

Dr. Mircea Gheorghiu email, Director of Undergraduate Chemistry Labs – MIT Chemistry Dep (more), Cambridge (Massachusetts)
Interests: chemistry and higher education opportunities

Former Professor at Polytechnic University of Bucharest

Dr. Ionel Dragos Hau
email, Staff Scientist

Canberra Industries/Areva (
more), Meriden (Connecticut)
Interests: Applied Physics, Renewable Energy, Innovation, Education

Dr. Val Livada

Weybridge Partners, Winchester (Massachusetts)
Interests: start-ups, innovation, life sciences

Dr. Mihaela Malita
Computer Science Department, St Anselm College (more)

Manchester (New Hampshire)

Interests: parallel computing

Daniela Popa email, Associate Director

Statistical Programming,
Genzyme Corporation

Cambridge (Massachusetts)

Dr. Ana Racoveanu email, Principal Scientist

Physical Sciences Inc. (
more), Andover (Massachusetts)
Scientific field: life sciences
Former Asst. Professor at Polytechnic University of Bucharest

Dr. Gheorghe Stefan email, Chief Scientist

BrightScale (
more), Nashua (New Hampshire)
Also faculty of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest
Interests: computer architecture

Radu Tatucu email, Consultant

FTI Consulting – Lexecon

Dr. Anton P. Teodorescu (email)
IBM – Venture Capital Group. Waltham (Massachusetts)

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